The stuff you put in coffee?

As it takes its first steps, Supreme Cream has some announcements to make:

  1. We are NOT the type of cream that goes in your coffee. <– (full stop. That’s right, we have a whole different purpose, magnificent and astounding: supreme cream!)
  2. You might never believe it but you witness in this very post, the birth of Supreme Cream Scanlations! Formed to put the international spotlight on some brilliant webtoons and other manga/manwha(or however else you might call them) that we feel will benefit from language translation.
  3. We are currently planning on scanlating two projects:

The Friendly Winter by Lee Jun (이준)


A cute story about a girl and a boy, each with a rare growth disorder that affects their mental age relative to their body age in contrasting ways. We get to see their day-to-day life, heart-warming moments, badass bubblegum blowing gangsteresses (chapter 3) and all sorts of other amazing people, like Da-jeong’s dad!


The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon by Howoo (호우)

Tale of an ex-gangster who goes to the country side to teach a class of elementary school children. Well, even if we say class, it’s 5 kids. Amazing ones at that. So make sure to meet Teacher Kwon, and his the children as they embark on their daily journeys and excitements!

And there you have it. Supreme Cream Scanlations in a nutshell. No extra sugar required. Welcome!


4 responses to “The stuff you put in coffee?

  1. Just wanted to say that you guys… if u are guys, if not: I just wanted to say that you “insert favourite gender here” are doing wonderfull work. And you picked such good Storys, I mean the stuff from Howo I could understand on the naver page even without knowing korean. Most of the time its a sign of a shalow story-plot when you can see what is happening without following the talking, but this artist delivers such wonderfull drawn pictures each time it is really amazing. So right know I want to frigging know the background of a few people and therefore I need the translation real bad. :D
    Puhlease keep up the good work and holla when I can be of help. In any way. I don’t know nothing, but with that I know more than most people, so I think I can learn a thing or two to help you out with…. whaterver you need :D

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Sid!! (We’re half and half in terms of gender, global average, hehe)

      If you’re interested in applying, our current need would probably be another typesetter. It would be good if you had some experience of photoshop, but if you have free time and want to fiddle around with the controls and read guides, than I can help point things out (just send an email – you can find it on the ‘about/contacts’ page). We will probably have you training for a couple weeks before giving you a first chapter, mind you, so be sure to commit yourself long term (^_-)~*

      Note that you would probably be working on a different series (probably a Japanese one), since Dead4Sure is going strong on both of our current series~

      Either way though, nice to hear from you! I hope you continue to read the series and come to the site! Your comments are always appreciated <3

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