The Friendly Winter c3

Series by Lee Jun

Here is the next instalment of The Friendly Winter~

The little nuna to the rescue!

Before we go to downloads, absolutely make sure to click this link first:


Note the more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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8 responses to “The Friendly Winter c3

  1. I like the little bits of information that the author has been slipping in. Such as the hormonal pills. Really, it feels like his author took time to research and think about what they were writing and didn’t just create something to simply tug and heartstrings. Combined with the really nice and clean art – it’s really making this story great!

    Also, looking like chapter 4 is going to be fun with a properly angry Da-Jeong. (Though it was good to see through this chapter that although she has a mouth towards her dad, she does have moments of sweet affection!)

    Thank you all again for your work! You’re working so quickly!

    • I agree, how she acts, almost as a child, seems to be rather accurate, considering the hormonal balances, etc are those of a child. So it’s interesting to see how the author would splice together the idea of an older girl in terms of knowledge and self-awareness with the physical (and by extension neural/mental) attributes of a younger body. Hmm, will have to keep our eyes open to see how those thoughts develop.

      And the dad is awesome <3 one of my favourite characters!

    • Glad you enjoyed! (I’ll just take this moment to encourage everyone to follow the raw link to Lee Jun’s daum page!)

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