The Friendly Winter c12

Series by Lee Jun

For all the dog lovers out there~ So heartwarming and tender, hehe!

Make sure you listen to Da-jeong and make sure to click the raw link:


The more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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15 responses to “The Friendly Winter c12

    • Cheers, our editor Dead4Sure will be especially happy to see your comment. She’s been doing a sterling job and the rest of us can barely keep up with her :)

      • I am… actually I’m like the silent reader ^_^ I go through all the comments though I don’t talk much
        My real life always makes me cry, but my internet world always draws a smile on my lips… thanks everyone I really like you too and I’ll do what I can to catch up with the original releases as soon as possible.
        I can’t press more on my colleagues but I wish I can release 5 chapters a day XD

  1. Aw man! I smiled and I cried (again)!

    Min-seong’s caretaker may not be his real mom (as it seems) but like Min-seong seems to have realized, she’s totally his mother where it counts most. This section of the story was definitely heart warming and damn if I’m not tearing up recalling what I just read again. I really like both Min-seong’s mom and Da-jeong’s dad thanks to these last few chapters you released.

    Thank you for another wonderful translated chapter! I look forward to whenever you may translate and release another chapter!

    • And I love your reactions too~ Your comments make me think more deeply about the characters and plot than when I’m trying to catch any grammatical mistakes in the script during proofreading, hehe~ Thank you (^_-)~*

      • I was thinking about it, it could be that her sister abandoned Min-Seong, and his dad died, so she is taking care of him.

        • Well, the she told the dad that bad things happened ‘because you didn’t consider min-seong of your own family’. So I was under the assumption Min-seong wasn’t related by blood but it is not particularly clear. Ghost tells me we will learn in the chapter currently released (in korean) though, so it shan’t be too long, hehe!

          Something to look forward to~

  2. Thank you guys! I have been following this from the moment you started to translate, and every chapter gave me a fuzzy- warm feeling. I hope you catch up to raws as soon as you can. But since you release almost one chapter a day, it won’t be so long i guess. Good luck to you, and again thank you very much :)

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Gizmos! We will do our best to make speedy releases – all our staff our very enthusiastic, hehe, led by Dead4Sure, our editor who suggested to project. Great to hear you’ve been following from day 1 – a loyal fan <3

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