The Friendly Winter c16

Series by Lee Jun

From Birthdays to Christmas, why do all the festive occasions have to be like this?! Poor Da-jeong…

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20 responses to “The Friendly Winter c16

  1. Recently found this blog(or wordpress? idk). This webtoon is just… amazing :) It makes us sympathize with these kind of people and makes us understand how they feel or will feel by only some wrong words. Other than that It has a nice romance going on as well. Thank you for translating/editing this webtoon. Hope you guys won’t bump into any trouble :)

  2. thank you for taking up time in translating this, we really appreciate your efforts, more power to your team! *very addicting if you’ll ask me :))

  3. i avoided this series because i don’t like ‘loli crap’ but this is nothing like that its good, it actually has a plot and characters
    im starting to dislike the japanese stuff because most of the time its just pointless ecchi and fan service
    thanks for the hard work

    • Yeah, to tell the truth, I was sceptical at first too. Same as you though, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to read it and see that it was actually pretty deep, with a lot of touching moments and sober slice of life without a speck of ecchi to be seen.

      Still plenty of Japanese series that stay away from it, I think though, but I guess the thoughtful ones that try to sell plot instead of fan service aren’t the ones that top the charts, unfortunately…

      Thanks for your comment! And I hope you continue to read the series~

  4. I seem to time coming to look at the site with things that are super touching! I feel bad for the half-sister. She has no idea so far and I can understand feeling distressed at receiving scorn that doesn’t seem warranted. =( I have a feeling it’s going to be a super tear jerker when the truth is shown to her. Min-seong again shows how gentle and kind he is going all the way out to Da-jeong. The two of them are super adorable! Also, again, I really love Min-seong’s mom. The monologue at the end of the birthday chapter made me think that perhaps by the end of the night she was suspecting perhaps Da-jeong was the same as Min-seong? A fun thought to me is also, maybe their dad and mom would end up together! I’d love to see them all find themselves in a strong supportive family together.

    Anyway, ending my rambling! haha Thank you guys so much for your constant work!!!!

    • Yeah, actually, I was just crying for the first time from TFW a couple days ago… it was a bit ahead though, so you won’t see it anytime soon, but definitely lots of tear jerkers in this series T_T

      I wish we saw more of Min-seong’s mother, she always seems a bit like a secondary character… But I think more time with Da-jeong’s mom would also be good, and probable too…

      Nice to see your comment, as always Dara ^o^)d

  5. Thanks guys! I thought “where’s today’s chapter? or there won’t be any? Nooo!” since you release this everyday, sometimes twice a day :) And again you are here with a new chapter^^ Thanks really, you guys are really devoted yourselves to this manhwa :D

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