The Friendly Winter c28

Series by Lee Jun

A bit about Min-seong’s past, and has his worst nightmare come true?

Da-jeong didn’t mean to scare you… but make sure you still remember to make sure to click the raw link:


The more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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20 responses to “The Friendly Winter c28

  1. Great chapter are should I say GREAT STORY I LOVE IT!!!! you go Da-jeong!!!
    I love the relationship that has come between Min-Seong and Da-jeong they help each other alot. I did look at the raws got alot of rants about it the last two chapters but I will wait till they are scan. Thanks so much for doing this story it brightens my day so much!!!!

  2. What a great chapter! Go for it da-jeong, lol. Every family needs a da-jeong amongst them for situations like this :D

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Yeah, I know I’ve been looking forward to knowing more about Min-Seong’s family and what happened in the past. A great chapter.

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