Moteki c4

Series by Kubo Mitsurou

I think this deserves another announcement! Today is our first new English scanlation release of Moteki. We hope you enjoyed our releases for chapters 1-3, but whether you read ours or the discontinued Scotchegg releases from a while ago, we hope you will enjoy the releases from now on!

Yukiyo goes back in time! Wait, was this Moteki or Again!!, I’m confused… Hope you enjoy the chapter!

Please also visit VIS’s release page! We are very much indebted to the enthusiasm and partnership with Chie, the project’s typesetter and ZeroDC!

We hope you might support the author and would like to make it as simple as possible for you. So, if you’d like to buy paper back copies (in Japanese), check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // XDCC on the IRC channel


12 responses to “Moteki c4

      • xD I saw it on your site and couldn’t resist giving it a try! Very good, different, but very good, the story makes you want to read more and find out what happens for him and all his hopeful love prospects!

        • Hehe, glad you are following the group’s releases~~ Definitely different, but it’s a nice read, Kubo-sensei is definitely has good story weaving skills. The MC seems to have quite a bit of trouble for a harem manga protagonist though… poor guy T_T

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