The Friendly Winter c37

Series by Lee Jun

Stupid socks! They show up everywhere…

And a special thanks to Bootaloot who helped out with the CLing for a few of the recent chapters <3

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16 responses to “The Friendly Winter c37

  1. It was only happenstance that brought Da-jeong and her mother back together. Unless shown otherwise, Eun-gyeong hasn’t tried to mend the relationship between herself and her daughter before.

    I think Eun-gyeong is simply trying to ease her own guilt and is using Yeong-jun’s kindness to do it. She doesn’t even know what Da-jeong wants (outside of her height issue).

    Anyway, excellent work as always.

    • Yeah, you have to wonder what she’s been doing all these years, but there were hints that perhaps the father has been stopping her from seeing Da-jeong again. But a chance meeting (and Da-jeong discovering Minseo’s homepage before that) got the ball rolling again, eventually leading to where we are. And in mom’s defense, it’s understandable that she doesn’t know what her daughter wants – after all, she wasn’t with her for the last 10 or so years.

  2. Hmmm Hmmmm I don’t know what to say about her mother. Obiviously Da-jeong is missing her mother but at the same time she is angry at her. Her mother is saying “what da-jeong wants” but I really don’t understand what Da-jeong wants. She wants to grow taller? I thought It was too late for that. She wants her mother? The answer is uncertain.

    Other than this; “We can’t have happiness while hurting so many people”. I… SO SO SO SO SO disagree about this. If there is someone i want to marry, i WILL marry her. Even if it means leaving college and making my parents angry.

    As last, thanks for the chapter and please bear with my long comments ^^

    • Hmm, I know you are right there, in your second point, but I also empathize with what Lee Jun was saying >_< So confusing @_@

      And Da-jeong wants…. Shiwoo to be her boyfriend~ Yay!

      No problem, I always like reading your comments Fatih!!

    • This could be a difference in western / asian way of thinking – it’s been observed that while western culture focuses more on individuality, Asians (eastern) culture places more emphasis on the group and the society as a whole. Generally speaking, of course.

      • Um… how about ‘the majority of people, of all cultures’? Isn’t that slightly more politically correct, at least…?

        But yeah, as merebo says, listen to real life too, and there are plenty of Min-seongs and Da-jeong fathers around too (^o^)d

        Glad you two enjoyed the chapter~ (At least, glad you did, Merebo… not altogether sure what y2kmisty2000 thought about it o_o)

    • pretty rude and a pretty unfair way to stereotype people too. this title and others should be taken in the context they’re presented, the authors are trying to create feelings and reactions in readers, it doesn’t mean the story represents every single person in a country.

    • Or maybe people of all cultures/societies are assholes and Koreans are more honest and self-critical than others? Besides, shouldn’t take manhwa/webtoons too seriously, lol. Exaggeration is an oft-used device for creating drama and drawing strong reaction from readers.

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