The Friendly Winter c39

Series by Lee Jun

Gandalf appears!! Now where did Harry go…?

Da-jeong didn’t mean to scare you… but make sure you still remember to make sure to click the raw link:


The more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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15 responses to “The Friendly Winter c39

  1. Wow, you guys are so fast! you’re almost to the recent chapter!!! >.< so excited, Thank you so much guys for always updating this series! \(*.*)/\(*.*)/\(*.*)/ * (my virtual hugs for all you hard work!)

  2. This story is fantastic! I, myself, have a growth disorder (though not as extreme as Miss Da-Jeong). And just like Miss Da-Jeong, it was too late to take any treatments once the condition was noticed. A doctor once told me: when the body stays small, the spirit will fill out the places where flesh would’ve been. I absolutely love Da-Jeong’s spirit! Her spirit must be ten feet tall!
    Lee Jun, you have a great talent! Thank you for sharing your gift.
    My gratitude goes especially to SCS, without which, I would never have happened upon this story.
    Thank you, ever so much.

    • That’s a really touching comment, kobocha. Thanks for sharing that quote, which I think all of us who read this series will really empathize with. Da-jeong definitely has a personality that is tall and proud, I think she would be pleased to hear your encouragement if she were around too~

      And you’re welcome for the scans! Hope you continue to enjoy the series!

      • yes, i like the webtoon as whole very much because it conveys feelings of the characters pretty good. As happy chapters are nice, i enjoy tragic moments too, because especially at those moments they can prove and strenghten their bond.

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