The Friendly Winter c43

Series by Lee Jun

Lee Jun must have a mischievous sense of humour, because he’s going leave us all with this beautiful sense of anxiousness and worry for a week as he goes to take a short break and revitalize himself before he forges ahead! He has written about it in this post here, where you can also find some stand alone images he drew of the TFW cast.

Also, if you want to see some more stand alone images:
Da-Jeong and Min-seong in Korean dress
Da-Jeong, Min-seong and Min-seo at the beach

We’ve come all this way, (with daily releases no less!) and I want to take this chance to say it’s been a real pleasure for me (Pimelea) to work on this series with an amazingly dedicated Translator, Ghost and Editor, Dead4Sure as well as our cleaners, thanks bootaloot and mobtasmah! All of you coming to read the series, both here and on batoto have been really great too, with intelligent comments and strong feelings about the story, which made me smile many a time!

I hope you will all be back to follow the new chapters of The Friendly Winter in a weeks time, when the series is resumed.

And one last, big thank you to Lee Jun, who has brought us such a stunning series! We wish you the best and hope you have a good rest during this break!

Make sure you still remember to click the raw link:


The more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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32 responses to “The Friendly Winter c43

    • You’re welcome Carina~ We had a lot of fun with all those chapters! Seems like we’ll be dropping to a weekly rate now though~ You’ll see 44 out today!

  1. i’m loving this story and i to hope min-seong will get through that,also for da-jeong and her mother to reconnect and form stronger mother/daugther bond.

  2. came back from vacation and continued reading from chapter 19. wow you guys are AWESOME! so many chapters in such a short time! THANKS!

    I am curious if min-seong could hear what his mother said or not.
    and I hope the father doesn´t get tricked again…

    • Also, Min-seong’s father was too idealistic about registering his boy as mentally disabled. I understand him not wanting his son labelled or discriminated against, but it seems to me that he turned down helpful benefits and tools due to pride.

      • Yeah, I didn’t really like his manner there either… but I’m sure it’s really tricky, so I respect him for doing what he thought best… though not really sure what it would be like in actuality.

        You’re welcome kesubei~ Glad you are finding it addicting o_o

        • There’s ups and downs to both sides though. Sometimes when you tell a person that they’re mentally handicapped, they think it’s a reason to not have to try. Or other people as well, such as teachers. If you tell them they’re mentally handicapped they’ll go easy on them. There’s a possibility that the individual, if not told could grow even more. However, it really depends. The sentences earlier more relate to (mosaic) down-syndrome (MDS), so it might not apply to Min-seong. It is a difficult choice to make, since I’ve seen people who’ve benefited and those who haven’t benefited from it.

          The actual story I’m thinking of, I can’t seem to find it, but basically a mom decided not to tell anyone, her kid, teachers, other people (aside from family who had to keep the secret) that he had MDS. Reason why is because she saw in school her kid was just playing with some blocks, and she asked the teachers why he wasn’t working, and they said that since he has MDS, they didn’t want to force anything on him. After that she decided to keep it a secret. Since the time it was broadcasted, he’d graduated HS with academic honors, something someone with his condition shouldn’t have been able to do.

          Sorry, I don’t really have a way with words so hopefully that wasn’t confusing. So I guess what I mean to say is, the decision parents make to not tell their kids these things can either turn out good or bad.

  3. Thank you very much for the releases, and we got it so incredible fast!
    Thank you all so much for your hard work, it is really appreciated. <3

    I really love this story.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    • They used to, but that was before supreme cream scans existed. They used google ads and allowed scanlators the ability to put their own accounts on the pages where their series were hosted but google ads apparently removed batoto from it’s services and their new ad company is much less effective…

      Supreme cream scans doesn’t receive any money, either from ads or donations. Well, minus an exception, when a reader asked us a favour and offered a donation to help with moteki raws. We don’t need money for a free wordpress blog though, nor for webtoons, which are already available online, so we don’t ask for any donations or ad revenue ^_^ (we don’t own a server, as most other groups do, either, which is why we use batoto to host our releases)

  4. thank you SOOOOO much SCS for releasing this daily and putting in the hard work to do so. You did it!

    I love stories with tragic elements that have the sense that things will end well somehow but also remain true to life. We’d love for Da-Jeong to really grow into a tall beautiful 19-year old (didn’t she look so lovely when transformed by the wizard? At least I think that was her face…) but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. But we’d at least love to see her doing some of her own emotional growing up.

    • You’re welcome falk182!

      I guess the older da-jeong is just a sweet dream Lee Jun gave us all in that chapter, but it doesn’t seem like something there will happen… If anything, I imagine that people with a condition like Da-jeong’s would die very young, but who knows, maybe Lee Jun will take pity on us readers and not go down that path.

      I’m glad to hear the tragic element resonates with you! Lee Jun definitely knows how to weave a touching tale~

  5. Great I love it can’t wait!!!! Hopefully this does not change Min-seong I’m really worried hope Da-jeong will stand by him ( I know she will ) and the mom will stand by him. I know the uncle was trying to protect the little girl but he had better say he is sorry when all this comes to light!! THANKS to all who brought us this GREAT series. And thanks for always responding to our comments you are the best!!!!

    • Yeah, Min-seong will definitely get through this! We must believe!!

      You’re welcome Betty (^_-)~* We love that there are so many interested people, the least we can do is write a reply to our commenters!

      Look forward to the next chapter next week!

  6. I read this over at Batoto and just dropped by to thank you guys soooo much for taking up this wonderful series *Hugs Supremecreamscans and all its lovely members*

  7. \o You did a great job, that has been a nice change of air to read this webcomic in the last days, got some laughs and tears, now is time to wait and thank, to you and the author. Until next time!

  8. Thanks for the new chapter. You guys are amazing catching up to the most current chapter in little over a month! Please keep up the good job!

  9. Thanks for the new chapter, and thanks to everyone at Supreme Cream Scans for all the hard work and dedication in bringing us this great story! A great job catching up to the current chapter, now to look forward to more great chapters from Lee Jun.

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