The Friendly Winter c44

Series by Lee Jun

And we’re back…

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10 responses to “The Friendly Winter c44

  1. I want to slap them women faces, they are the worst!!!! Da-Jeong is so sad I just want to get in there and hold her and Min-Seong I will hug him to shooyt I’ll just hold them both!!!! Da-Jeong just stand by him keep being there for him and love him he is going to need that. Stay strong this will give Min-Seong the strenght to go on and it will also help his mom to she needs a hug to!!!! Where is this little girl or the little boy they can straighten this all out please come forward my heart can’t take this!!!! Anyway THANKS FOR THE CHASPTER CAN”T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!! didn’t you say it weekly now!!! Looking forward to it THANKS AGAIN!!!!

    • Yeah >_< It was pretty hard to watch those women talking… but, from another angle, I sort of understand them… they don't know Min-seong, and it's not that they're mean, just that they are concerned about their own families and having an incident like that can really scare people.

      That being said, I feel all of Da-jeong's frustration and pain, and I feel like slapping them too… I thought Da-jeong's dad's glare was really cool! He stood up for Da-jeong~

      They will stick together though, and it's already evident that they can help each other through the hard times and later enjoy the good times too~ So hopefully things will work out for them!

      And yes, weekly~ We'll try to keep up! Look forward to the next chapter.

  2. Yay! I might do a little dance of joy!

    I clicked on the link to the raw, too. I don’t read Korean, but just looking at the pictures again made my heart hurt.

    • Lee Jun definitely takes a few years off my heart T_T. In fact, ghost, the translator was warning me before I proofread this chapter that it was pretty heavy… I bet it’s even worse when it comes as a surprise… Glad you liked it though~

  3. Though I’m happy that this webtoon is back after its short break, this “retarded/short sighted people are everywhere” stuff is driving me crazy. I’m this close to dropping this webtoon(ofc not permanently, i will read it like every 2 months).

    As always, thanks for the chapter :)

    • Oh dear… I’m sure we can live our way through it >_< I bet it will all clear up and we'll have some friendly winter smiles again soon! Keep with us!

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