Again!! c20

Series by Kubo Mitsurou

Hooray, let’s all give a cheer, volume 3 is here! Hope you all like baseball love triangles! This reminds me of Adachi Mitsuru…

Recruitment: We need new cleaners for again and moteki!! So if you are interested in helping out, please send us an email at!

I’m proud to announce that tallrice from SCS will now be doing the translation. As always though, the real organizers on this project are VIS, so go give them a comment and pat on the back if you haven’t already! Here is VIS’s homepage! Thank you ZeroDC, Laika and everyone on the project~ It’s really nice to work with you guys!!

We hope you might support the author and would like to make it as simple as possible for you. So, if you’d like to buy paperback copies (in Japanese), check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // XDCC DL on IRC


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