The Friendly Winter c45

Series by Lee Jun

Finally… The conclusion to that nerve-wracking ordeal! We can move forward now… or can we?

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The more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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13 responses to “The Friendly Winter c45

  1. Hey hope you are doing ok, quick question is chapter 48 a flash back it looks to be. Looking forward to the scans, have a great day and week!!!!!!

  2. I really love this <3 It never fails to make me cry T~T even if i read 1week apart each chapter it just breaks my heart!!

    • Yeah… and, I’m afraid the next chapter will have a short delay since our editor is really busy this week and next >_< We'll be back and up to date soon though! We definitely haven't forgotten anything~

      Thanks for the comment sheena!

  3. how does the story quality stay so high every chapter? I love that there are no easy solutions in this story even though we hope for full reconciliations at some point. The fact that it’s taking so long is going to make the end so good (I’m assuming it won’t be tragic?)
    and thanks SCS, you’re the best. =)

    • I like it way too much when you say we’re the best falk… you shouldn’t do that, it will go to our heads >_<

      And Lee Jun is the best right? <3

      Glad you're enjoying it all! And hope you're not crying too much. I am hoping the ending will be happy too! But the past shows us that…

  4. Thanks for the chapter. I had a feeling that something like this would happen. Hang in there Mom and Da-Jeong you are the only ones who can help him. I was glad to see the uncle and the mother of the little girl say they are sorry, I was just thinking maybe the little girl could come and say thanks for saving me you are my hero!! Maybe that would help. Can’t wait for the next chapter THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

    • You’re welcome Betty~ Would have been awesome if Byeol came back into the webtoon, but it seems she’s out of the picture now… It was nice to see the mother and uncle go and apologize though~

      Look forward to the next chapter next week!

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