The Friendly Winter c60

Series by Lee Jun

A little dream.

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11 responses to “The Friendly Winter c60

    • Yeah… The mother was the object of hate for most of the 1st season, and now it’s all cool and she seems even more important than the father, for some reason. I’m glad you’re thinking about the series!

  1. thanks for another great chapter,i hope da-jeong and her mother can reconnect and maybe for da-jeong to move in with her mother and step-sister and step-father.also i don’t know if yall take sugesstion or not but summerdream looks like a one its completed,32 chapter and it looks like a prolog and epilog is also there.i found it on daum site.

    • Thanks for the tip anonymous! Ghostx tells me he was already considering this one, so maybe this is a potential future project! We’ll see how we’re doing!

      Glad you enjoyed the chapter! We’ll wish them all the best <3

  2. De-jeong dreaming I think, but it is a good dream. Love the way she heard Min-seong calling her. I’m hoping she wakes up and everything is great Min-seong is there waiting on her and thaty what the verses at the beginning was about!! THANKS FOR THE UPDATES!!! can’t wait to see what happensjust love this story still hoping for a happy ending!!!!

      • That’s true But we already did I think back when Min-seong was day dreaming HA HA!! but you are right it would be great to see Min-seong of Da-jeong’s dreams!!!

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