The Friendly Winter c61

Series by Lee Jun

Will Min-seong be able to bring her back?

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The more views his Daum pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Lee Jun!

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17 responses to “The Friendly Winter c61

  1. Love it !!!! Thanks so much for the chapter. Min-seong came for her and she came back for him that was great!!! Love the way her mother helped her in her dream!! One more ch. hope its a happy ending and everything gets worked out!!!

    • Hi Betty! You’re welcome~ It was a nice exchange, yeah! The one thing that is puzzling me is her irl mother’s fainting. It’s almost as if their consciousnesses were entwined somehow… hmm. Anyway, we’ll have to watch out for what happens in the next chapter >_<

      • I thought her mother fainted from the stress of wondering if Da Jeong was okay. One minute they’re talking, suddenly the connection drops, they’re in that storm: her mother had no idea of knowing if something terrible had happened.

        Thanks for all of your hard work, by the way!

    • Haha, I think I spot someone with a crush on our favourite little not-little-girl-anymore~

      Hmm, highschool Dajeong reminds me a lot of another character we saw once… it seems Lee Jun can’t resist drawing older Da-jeong, so he finds reasons to~

      You have a good day too!

  2. I have hypothalamus damage, but at seventeen I got the sudden late growth the girl in this story didn’t get. This story is so painful and healing.

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