Anastasia (Oneshot)

Oneshot by Katou Kotono


We have a delightful oneshot for you today, from the mangaka of Shokoku no Altair, another great series you should give a read if you haven’t yet. This is the tale of the last heir of the Romanov dynasty, Princess Anastasia’s flight from the red army in 1914. A bit tragic near the end, but a cute read where we are given a small glimpse into the harsh ending of the dynasty and the dangers of gunners in the winter. Enjoy!

A thank you to everyone who helped out with this release, including Sweet Zombie Jesus Scans, who provided us the raws and Junna from Of Manga And who did the cleaning and typesetting, which was a lot of work! Thank you both! (And please drop by their blogs to leave a kiss~ xo)

And what do you think of the beautiful colour page? Looks amazing, doesn’t it? This was actually drawn by one of our friends and the great artist Jusa, whose works you can see more of on the easy going scans forum! I hope you check it out! Thanks Jusa!

If you’d like to support the author and buy his work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya(online) // Amazon

(Note that the Anastasia oneshot is at the end of the volume)

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


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