Nobunaga no Chef c2

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


Chapter 2, right on the tail of chapter 1! It was really nice to see the positive reaction to our chapter 1 upload yesterday. I hope you all enjoy chapter 2 just as much! Let’s introduce our first Gaijin! Or wait… they were called Nanban back in those days?

We strongly suggest you support the authors and buy their work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


16 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c2

  1. Thank you for this series – it’s hinting to be more about diplomacy via food than the outright “stranger from future, so use his information and win every thing”. At least I hope so =)

    • Haha, well, I think there’s still a big portion that’s just the ‘oh, I’m so much better because I’m from the future’ thing, but it’s true that with the lack of memory and the fact that he’s facing a number of challenges to bring things out in people with food makes it amusing. We’ll have to see where the author takes it in the future.

  2. Two releases in less than two days! You’re amazing! The second chapter was as good as the first one :) Ended with a cliffhanger though XD
    Thank you so much!

  3. don’t do this man, I was already hooked after the first chapter
    this second chapter already so soon?
    I will go crazy waiting for the third!

    • Haha, you might not have to wait that long, we’re working on it right this moment! Won’t be tonight though, friday, end of the long work week, need some sleep =.=)v

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