Nobunaga no Chef c7

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


Here is the volume 1 finale! With a nice recipe page at the end for you… except, they forgot to add the quantites? ‘To taste’ I guess, hehe~ Enjoy the war!

Sorry for the short wait, Fallacy was ill so we had to take a short break… Our precleans were also only up to c6, so all the SFX redraws took some time – maybe you’d like to give us your opinion on whether to continue doing the SFX in English or if you’d just prefer english notes at the side of the page~ Tell us in a comment below!

We strongly suggest you support the authors and buy their work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


22 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c7

  1. I vote for note of sound next to the original text. No need to redraw them.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    As for the recipe, from the look of it, it seems pretty simple. Just simple enough for going to war.
    Not sure if the recipe want it to be onigiri rice or just plain rice. Although I believe that making the rice ball with onigiri recipe will be tastier because of vinegar rice and sugar. Taste wise, it would mix well with duck meat since duck meat have a hint of sweet compare to chicken that are kinda bland by nature, personnally opinion by the way. Although economically speaking, chicken is way less expensive than duck nowadays. Anyway, I keep on rantin and I should stop.

    • Thanks for the vote! Seems unanimous, which doesn’t mean we’ll stop, but it’s good to hear opinions, and we’ll feel confortable in stopping if we are getting exhausted by it >_<

      Big essays are good too ^_^; Shows your interest and enthusiasm! Seems like you might try the recipe! Sounds like you know your stuff, that chef name fits you (^_-)~*

  2. thanks for the chapter, notes are enough. If this was a professional translation that I’m buying then i’d like the redraws, but since you are doing this for free using your own time then notes are more than enough, i’m just glad you are doing this series in the first place.

  3. Thank you again for another great chapter! I think a side note would be good since editing the sfx takes so much time and effort.

    • Thanks for the vote! Seems like everyone’s saying the same thing, doesn’t it, hmm (“へ”) And ‘roche’, *Pimelea spots a coda fan!!* m9(o_o)*point

      • lol, that’s a weird coincidence, I didn’t even now there was a character named Roche in one of your projects until I read your comment and checked Coda out. It is really good too! I will follow Coda from now on. Thank you for both =)

  4. I’m glad that it seems that you have recover. I vote for the notes on the side. I can only imagine the exhausting work that goes into each SFX.

  5. English notes seem to be the way to go, I just can’t imagine how much time it takes to turn those SFX into English

  6. Thanks as always! version 2 :D

    I vote the option: English notes at the side of the page. I like your work with SFX, but it’s probably hard and exhausting. Then the notes option is easiest and it will speed up the nobunaga releases :)

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