Nobunaga no Chef c9

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


To find out why Nobunaga deserves so much loyalty and respect! Enjoy the seafood risott-… I mean the chapter~

Since we’re now on volume 2, the raw links have also changed. Please go see previous posts for volume 1 raws, if you’re interested. We strongly suggest you support the authors and buy their work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya-USA // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


14 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c9

  1. I usually don’t go to the scanlators and thank them for an update but man you guys are doing an awesome job :) thank you for your hard work :) More power :D

  2. Thank you for another great chapter. At first when I began reading chapter 1 I thought, not another feudal japan manga… But I was wrong and what a great story.

    • You’re welcome White-Fox! Glad you’re enjoying the story! Yeah, with the cooking and wowing, it makes for a good plot, hope you continue reading~

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