Again c34

Series by Kubo Mitsurou


Is that who I think it is… it IS who I think it is!! And how is Imamura going to overcome this confusion, is this world real or is it all an illusion?!

So we had to delay this time… Really hellish redraws this chapter, and I’m afraid next chapter is going to be the third in a row with really difficult redraws… so we hope to release next Tuesday, but no promises… Come apply!! Please!! All you amazing redrawers out there!! We need your help to push again!! forward! m(_ _)m*grovel

Please visit VIS’s homepage and give your thanks to everybody there for their awesome work on this series that makes it all possible! Thank you ZeroDC, LeipurHiiva! And also a big thanks to Ada from Supreme for helping out with redraws this time~

We hope you might support the author and would like to make it as simple as possible for you. So, if you’d like to buy paperback copies (in Japanese), check out the raw links:

Amazon // Kodansha // Kinokuniya-singapore

Available for:
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20 responses to “Again c34

  1. Please drop this project if you’re not serious . even chinese scanlators had this translated at chapter 60 something and you guys are at ? go check yourself at .

    if you are really serious about scanlating then take from acmoe and just cut n paste the translation. there’s no need for any clean up or redraw

    Give it to another scanlations group that can do this better

    • I’m not sure if I should thank you for the feedback or tell you that there are better ways to write criticism constructively or offer to help out, not that we would accept you to our family with your evident lack of diligence or respect…

      First, Village Idiot started scanlating Again!! in February 2012, 1 year (and 52 chapters after the series started) when nobody even touched the series for that time. Considering a time delay of 4 volumes, I think they’ve done a very good job to keep up, releasing 4 volumes since then, the same number released in Japan.

      If you even think about Supreme Cream Scan’s involvement in the project for the past few months, you’d realise that we’d only be helping if we thought we could support faster releases speed. I think I can say with pride that we’ve shown dedication by keeping to a weekly release schedule, which is, quite frankly, very hard on a number of the members.

      I’m not only extremely grateful, since it allows me to see the english Again releases with a quality that this really good manga deserves, but also in awe of the hours put into redrawing, which is easily over 10 hours per chapter (and you mention cleaning, but that’s relatively standard and not overly time consuming on this series).

      Also, for your Scanlation101 session, members come and go from a group. We have had many different redrawers working on the project both from VIS and in SCS that have become busy with other things or have had to leave and finding replacements, training them to be able to handle the work and cheering them on (Pimelea-danchou does some moves~) all takes a lot of time and effort.

      VIS is one of the larger groups in the scanlation world, so it’s extremely unlikely that any other group could do better on this. SCS is still small, but we do our best too. (and if you’re definition of ‘better’ is make it look worse so that they could slap on translations, then we just have such a different opinion of what ‘better’ means, that I don’t think it’s worth talking…)

      That being said, if another group was interested in helping out, we’d be very happy to work with them. And I’ll take this chance to make some advertising and say that we would really appreciate any more help that people can give on redraws, so please apply, everyone!

      We have absolutely no intention to botch up Kubo’s best work for english readers by defacing the art just to get chapters out quicker. We do our best to have speedy chapters, and sometimes make sacrifices to quality for that, but only to an extent that we still feel the manga doesn’t suffer.

  2. Thanks a ton for your great work translating Again and Moteki, I’ve been longing to see them in English!

    Sorry for my Ignorance, but I’m wondering what work goes into ‘redrawing’ the pages, all the raws of Again I’ve seen are just as clean as the translated version. Is it the conversion of the Text into English? Or has a lot of other work have to be done?

    Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome!

      Redrawing isn’t cleaning – cleaning is when you take raw pages that have dust and might not be quite the right colours and you crop/rotate/level and burn/dodge the other little problems.

      Redrawing, in contrast, is when you have to erase parts of the drawing because of text that’s written over the background or because of double pages that are missing a part near the spine and actually redraw the art in the page.

      So the redrawing work has little to do with the cleaning. In fact, sometimes redraws are left to the typesetter to do, since they can cover some of the empty spaces with english text before redrawing the gaps. Either way though, it’s very tricky.

      (On a side note, we use raws that are bought and scanned by VIS, so there’s still some cleaning to do as well and we have to join double pages.)

      Hope that helps you understand the process~ Any help would be appreciated if you were interested in learning! (It takes a lot of patience and dedication though, so come motivated~)

  3. Thanks! I discover this manga today…. and I read it all up to chapter 34 :P

    I wish you good luck for future release ;)

    • Yeah >_> poor redrawers… I always feel guilty when I ask them ‘so how’s it going’… I try to be nice… but so much pressure on them…

      You’re welcome strixflash! On behalf of the redrawers too!!

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