Nobunaga no Chef c19

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


Anyone notice that cow last chapter? … so it was important, after all…

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Available for:
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12 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c19

  1. Thanks for your efforts, guys. As usual, you’re as swift with your releases as Ken’s quick-wittedness in preparing a more than adequate meal for his lord (and just about anyone else). ;p

    That said, I hope to interest you guys in working with us @HappyScans for a possible joint-project. For now, if you’d just refer to these links for further details/info:

    Well then, I hope you’d take some time to consider and hopefully, we’d get a favorable response for once. XD

    Keep up the awesomeness!!1!

    • Thanks for all the encouragement, a1oner!! We do our best to bring Ken’s nouvelle cuisine in the Azuchi period out to the really great readers who have been so supportive! It’s great fun to work on this series~

      I’m flattered you would like to do a joint project with us! I don’t think it will work at the moment, considering everything we have on our plate (I’m really trying to speed up our other SCS series like ASWA and Coda right now, so I don’t want to pick up new series until those are back on track…).

      It would be great to work with you guys in the future though! Thanks for poking us~ and best of luck!

  2. Ken is pretty inspirational, hahah. And Nobunaga’s comment at the end seemed kind of cryptic… unless I’m just reading too much into it.
    Thanks, btw!

      • No, when he wonders out loud about how Ken’s similar to him. I’m probably just thinking too much about it, heh.

        • Oh, right. That’s significant, yes, but not for future chapters – it’s a reference back to the chapter where Nou-hime was telling him that he and Ken were similar, so look back to chapter… was it 13?

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