Afterschool War Activities c2

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


The conscription of the high school students begins!! And they are going to fight big slimy purple things… weird… but so cool! Gotta love it~

And we’re sorry for the speed… our all-enthusiastic translator, ubi, has put great effort into getting us started on this nice series but then was assailed with computer problems, a really cute puppy and a busy work schedule… so we were having some trouble getting things together. Our (originally sceptical) proofreader and typesetter, blookami and alexfilia however, have embraced the series and Ghost says he might get out of irland and put some effort to substitute a bit, not to leave you guys waiting too long! We’ll see what we can do, so please be patient and…

Enjoy chapter 2!!

No raws for this series, since the originals can only be seen if you have a Naver account and are confirmed over 19, so you’ll have to stick to the English version~ Please support Ha Il-Kwon by buying any of his works or viewing them on the official release website if they are translated into English.

Available for:

Read Online Only


2 responses to “Afterschool War Activities c2

  1. Very awesome, thanks for the new chapter!!

    Yeah, this one is very popular on Naver as well, even with the age restriction it’s one of the higher rated comics.

    • You’re welcome Svines! Yeah, it’s really good, all the korean webtoon fans assure me, and already, I’ve seen quite a few people enjoy it! So we’re looking forward to bringing out more~~

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