Nobunaga no Chef c21

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


A new use for tweezers! Or wait, is it the tweezers themselves that are new? So much creativity back in Ken’s Azuchi period!

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11 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c21

    • Hmm, yours seems to be the accepted romanization… I don’t think I’ll change it though, since the Hiragana used are equivalent to Hanbee not Hanbei and the pronunciation is the same either way. Thanks for pointing that out though!

      • So, Dairokuten, we ended up changing it after all. Hanbei is the accepted romanisation, so it will look better and he comes up quite a bit in future chapters. Thanks for the suggestion and support!

    • Yeah… He probably didn’t have to go back in time to be an amazing chef… Plus, he’s strong and better at everyone at everything. Quite a main character. I don’t always understand his motivations though >_>

  1. These new chapters are always so exciting. Hahah
    And I was just wondering… how do the other characters generally address Ken? I’m interested in the honorifics they use (and how it might vary from person to person).

    • Actually, quite singularly, almost nobody refers to Ken with an honorific, it’s just ‘Ken’ even when noble women say it and his subordinates, Taichi and the crew just used ‘boss’, so there’s not much more to it.

      • Oh, that’s unexpected/interesting. Isn’t that a sign of intimacy? Or maybe the mangaka had some other reason for it.

        • Well, here, it sets him apart in a way. His name is also always written in katagana. It doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to be intimate so much as straightforward, a bit abrupt. Ken is not someone of high status here, he’s a chef.

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