Again c38

Series by Kubo Mitsurou


More kyaaing for all those Usami fans! Those neighbours will wonder what’s going on this week. Looks like Usami’s in the inner circle now. Some interesting developments! And back on schedule with a Tuesday release! Yay~

Please visit VIS’s homepage and give your thanks to ZeroDC, Fenrill and Staekk (and no nomming the poor steak…) for their awesome work on this series!

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18 responses to “Again c38

  1. Thank you guys! or should I say girls XD
    Yeah Imamura go to the Again, even though I liked you long hair!

  2. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve left comments, but last 2 chapters are INTENSE heh. It’s a shame but for Imamura this event doesn’t really “matter” since he’s in that state. But what I always wanted to see, is the thing that Hiro told Imamura in this chapter, isn’t he deceiving himself to an extent with trying to change something that was already set in stone (leaving aside stuff with parallel universes)?

    • Oh, hey Crake! ^o^)/ Hmm, it’s a bit strange to read volume 4, since on one side, I’m thinking of real life and how everything Hiro says makes more sense, then, on the other side, in the case of the possibility of again, it’s just something that would be really exciting to do, so I agree with Imamura’s feelings too… Add in some kissing and it makes really nice plotline~ Nice to see your comment~

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