3 Level Combination c23

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


Where is she?! It looks like our beloved bomb has gone missing, stirring up a panic. Better call in the experts…

Remember that 3 Level Combination chapters 1-19 are available on Noctis Op.92 blog (which you should visit anyway, since they’re our joint partner!) and also to read online!

Make sure you still remember to click the raw link:


Available for:
Read Online only


6 responses to “3 Level Combination c23

  1. 59 days since this was uploaded =((( When will the last chapter come out… want to know how the story ends….

    Thanks for the great work you guys do =D

    • Yeah, that was back during exams and such, we now have the final scripts and it’s almost ready~ So expect c24 soon and the ending soon after that, Ace. Glad you’re following this great series!

        • I didn’t have exams, but from what I hear, the other members did well! So we’re all a happy bunch! But… our editor for 3LC is sick ~_~ so I’ll have to ask a bit more patience >_> another week or two for the finale…

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