Coda c9

Series by Ichimura Hitoshi


First, sorry for the delays, coordination problems really took a toll on our speed this time… but we are fully committed to the series, and will make sure to get back with more releases very soon!

And, as usual, a wonderful coda chapter! Haruichi finds some courage in him to face his fears! A true man (minus the, um… well anyway)!

A thank you to Ada and Tora as well as to Junna from Of Mangas and… who all worked hard on this release!

If you’d like to support the author and buy her work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Amazon // ebook

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


16 responses to “Coda c9

    • Yes, very soon, Phogg, sorry for the delay >_< we've been combatting exams and other obstacles, but the summer is here now, so we plan to make some quicker progress very soon!

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