Regarding Death c22

Series by Sini & Hyeono

Here is the epilogue recap of the series! Hope you enjoyed the journey with us through the world of death and all its visitors.

We’ll be back soon with the author’s afterword.

If you don’t click the raw link, you might just weep tears of regret like the guy above, because each original chapter is accompanied with a short, beautiful BGM that adds to the ambience. So make sure to click the raw link when you read the adaptation to enjoy the full experience as its authors intended.


The more views their Naver pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Sini & Hyeono!

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6 responses to “Regarding Death c22

    • You’re welcome strixflash!

      (Sorry about the deleted comment, spam filter picked it up for some reason, I check the spam though, so real comments get seen and approved (sooner or later)~)

    • There are actually a few more chapters done but only in hard copy, not online – I believe that untuned translation (the other group that recently picked up regarding death) might do them. We haven’t decided yet whether we will, so we might see if we can get the books for this at some point in the summer~

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