Regarding Death c23 [END]

Series by Sini & Hyeono

… And this thought-provoking series finally comes to an end with this afterword chapter, which contains some interesting behind-the-scenes stories and congratulatory messages from other artists. There’s also a little SCS comic at the end prepared by our ever talented artist-editor Dead4Sure, so we hope you enjoy it too.

We’d like to thank the staff who made these releases possible (Ghost, Pimelea, Dead4Sure, Fallacy, Pink, Alexfilia and Enn) and every reader who supported us along the way. And of course Sini and Hyeono and Squar, who brought us this unique offering of reflective stories illustrated with solemn art and presented with beautiful, haunting music.

Our Regarding Death mascot actually has no more reason to cry, since we’ve now implemented the background music for every chapter on Batoto!!!

We still encourage you to click on the raw link, in order to support Sini and Hyeono:

Afterword Raw

Available for:

Read Online Only


12 responses to “Regarding Death c23 [END]

  1. Duh! Duh! Duh!
    Thanks a lot for translating, cleaning, typesetting and QCing this project!
    You are super awesome!

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