Afterschool War Activities c5

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


The first casualty, but it’s just the beginning.

No raws for this series, since the originals can only be seen if you have a Naver account and are confirmed over 19, so you’ll have to stick to the English version~ Please support Ha Il-Kwon by buying any of his works or viewing them on the official release website if they are translated into English.

Available for:

Read Online Only


8 responses to “Afterschool War Activities c5

  1. Thanks for the release:)

    Also… I don’t mind the art style but it does seem amateurish. Is it the author’s first work? Still, it’s quite impressive that the author can carry the series, in a visual medium such as a webtoon, on pretty much a story only.

    • Cheers!

      Actually Ha Il-kwon is the one of the most experienced and prolific webtoon artists in Korea – you can search for his previous works on Batoto by clicking his name. He can draw better, but he seems to prefer a seemingly crude art style for his webtoons, perhaps to save time. You’ll see the evidence of his skills in snippets in later chapters ;)

    • Well, the thing’s supposed to be safe if left untouched. The sentry is more about people keeping away than watching the sphere itself, and real bullets can cause accidents, so…

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