Supreme Cream Scans 1st Anniversary

by Ghost, Dead4Sure, Pimelea, Blookami, Kaputa, Ubi, Jeanne, GreenToes, Tora, Nebo, Mobtasmah, Bootaloot, Pink, Fallacy, Automata, tallrice, Ada, thealphalink, Enn, Ryu, AlexFilia, Jusa

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? It seems like only yesterday when we released the first chapter of The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon on 22nd July 2012, but before you know it, it’s already been a whole year. So without further ado, enjoy the anniversary surprise with a special comic by our artist-editor-co-founder extraordinaire Dead4Sure:


Supreme Cream Scans, initially formed to scanlate two specific webtoons, The Children’s Teacher Mr. Kwon and The Friendly Winter has come a long way since then as a scanlation group. As you can see in the little comic, we’ve released over 200 chapters from 13 mangas and webtoons in the past year, with 2 completed projects, 2 completed oneshots and 8 currently ongoing projects. We promise you’ll see some more interesting projects start up over the rest of the summer while a couple also come to an end.

Our little group of three has also expanded (for the behind-the-scenes story of how SCS was created, please check out TFW end comic) to around a dozen strong plus a number of others, who came and went after contributing their valuable time and effort.

The past year has been quite an adventure that the original three didn’t expect, but we sure had a ton of fun and a serious sense of fulfilment as we laboured to release these chapters. And we’d like to thank everyone who loved our releases as much as we have and encouraged us along the way.

So to celebrate our achievement and show our appreciation for all the support, we’ve prepared a modest mass release of chapters for the greater part of our current projects ^_^

Also, as part of our Anniversary and Year 2 Project, we’re releasing a brand new site and forum. Unfortunately, it’s not completely ready, but please take a Peak and come back Again!! soon to check up on it~

New SCS site and Forum!

Bigger Hunter Oneshot
25h Scans made this possible, so please give them a thank you on their blog!
Read Online // Mediafire

Again c50
Thanks to everyone at VIS for their help!
Read Online at Batoto // Read Online at Dynasty Scans // XDCC DL on IRC

Moteki c11
Thanks to everyone at VIS for their help!
Read Online // XDCC on the IRC channel

Drag-on Dragoon c2
KISS Scans who will be helping us from now on, so go give them a thank you for making this series possible!!
Read Online // Mediafire

Coda c11
Junna and Of Mangas And… have been wonderful to work with on this, let’s keep it up from here on too~
Read Online // Mediafire

Afterschool War Activities c6
Read Online Only

Peak c84
Check out the Raw
Read Online Only


43 responses to “Supreme Cream Scans 1st Anniversary

  1. I am a silent reader (you can read “leecher” if you want to, :o ) who does not usually comment much or make accounts on various scanlation group sites.

    But on behalf of all similar-minded people of my kind, congratulations for your 1 year anniversary and thank you for all the hard work you put into mangas and webtoons. :)

    • Thanks so much for your comment and support Andalamar – I know what it’s like to be a reader and it’s very difficult to keep up with all these different groups putting out releases… so double thanks for the effort! Hope you continue to follow our little group~~

      • To be absolutely frank, pimelea, I’m here for Nobunaga no Chef. So good, haha! That’s the one title that made me discover your group. But it’s going to make me check you guys out every so often at least until it ends, which won’t be before a while due to the sheer number of volumes to be translated (if we don’t consider it’s still ongoing status in Japan).

        However I just looked at Shion no Ou’s premise and it looks quite interesting. Checking it out!

        Good luck and again, good work & quality with the releases. The quiet community sure appreciates this. :D

        • Awesome! Glad you are finding more series through us too (~^o^)~ That’s part of the purpose of scanlations! And again!! is probably my favourite series at SCS too, coughcough, though I love all of our series!!

  2. Happy anniversary! I know i’m saying this late but better late than never, right? haha and thanks a lot for a new Moteki chapter, that series is great.

    • Thanks for the anniversary wishes Ale! Glad you are enjoying Moteki~ Was SCS’s first manga, actually (before that we only did webtoons). We’ll see you around!! ^_^)/

  3. I’m reaally late but, congatulations for your first anniversary!!
    And thank you so much for translating CODA! I’m really enjoying the history

    • Oh! Strixflash~ Nice to see a comment from you!

      We’re still working on the new site, but hopefully it will be all cleaned up very soon~ Glad you approve!

  4. Congratulations, group which resurrected Again!! and Moteki! Until your divine intervention the scanlation of series was almost dead (though I can’t blame VI since I know how much of a pain is to clean Again!! in particular). That alone is a feat enough to be on my panteon of favorite scanlators. Thanks for all of your truly hard work! Hope to see you afloat on this sea of scans for long (well, until either me or you guys will get tired of manga :D).

    • Oh no… what is this… strange feeling… coming over me… I feel… so tired… of these manga… ( =.=) ( -_-) ( _ _)Zzz

      … and so, after 1 year in the scanlation world, Supreme Cream Scans comes to an end…

      Might want to just say until you get tired, or else you never know what you’ll get!! I’m just kidding of course, we’re here to stay for a while, so we’ll sit in your pantheon a bit longer.

      Thanks for your continued support Crake! I’ll see you around!

    • 1 year is done, but it’s hopefully just the start. Everything’s still so exciting and we still have new friends and fans coming to support us, so we’ll do our best from now on too! Thanks for the encouragement ughman!

  5. Thanks for your work!
    Happy birthday!
    Quality of your releases is indeed supreme. Your motto is quite ambisious, hope you’ll be able to do it!

    • As said already, time sure flies, doesn’t it? And hopefully, we’ll bring you more Coda chapters before long :)

  6. Congratulations and happy anniversary, SCS! thanks a lot for all the releases especially Again!! and Moteki ;)

    PS. The strip comic was cute & enjoyable! good job everyone!

    • Thanks and nice to see that you’ve been enjoying Again!! and Moteki!
      Yeah, we’re lucky to have someone as talented as D4S (the artist) with us ;)

  7. 1 year old and so much has been done since then. Wow! Just WOW! You guys have truly become a bona fide scanlation group with high quality works and I’m not just talking about the various manga and manhwa titles you’ve introduced but also the physical work that goes into it just so the rest of us can read and enjoy it.

    Thank you guys for the mass releases and Congratulations again on your 1st anniversary! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    • Thanks! We’ll try to maintain the quality and bring you more interesting releases in our second year too :! Oh, and thanks again for all the comments you’ve left for us :)

  8. I’m mostly a lurker, but congrats on your first anniversary! I really love you guys!

    Thanks so very much for translating Again!! >_<

  9. Oh wow! Congrats on the anniversary you guys! I can’t believe you’re only a year old. You put out high quality releases so I’d figured you guys were around longer than that. Here’s to another great year!

    • Aww… don’t think flattery will get you anywhere!! … okay, it gets you somewhere… Why are we so weak T_T Now we have to do our best this year too, don’t you think you’re being cruel with all these expectations and praise?!

  10. Happy Anniversary, SCS! Thank you so much for all awesome series & high quality! Thanks for all SCS Staff & special thanks for pimelea who is always here in the comments hehe. My favorite SCS projects: Again, Nobunaga no Chef & Moteki!

    And Thanks (again²) for all releases today :) (maybe I should change my nick from lolman to thanksman kkkk)

    • lolman (I like that more than Anonymous (^_-)~*)!! Thanks to you too for following us and supporting us~ Glad you like to see me around, I’ll try not to be an eyesore, haha! We’ll do our best on all our series, but definitely those three too (you might want to come back on the weekend for some nobu… hint hint nudge nudge)

  11. Congratulations, SCS!! You are impressive! Your scans are always clean, well translated and timely. So glad to have found you. And as always, thank you for Peak Again! ;)

    • Thanks Azuma!! You’ve been an amazing support to us this year and we’re grateful for everything you and VIS have done with us <3 I look forward to working with you this year 2!

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