3LC End and other chapters

As we complete 3 Level Combination today, our talented admin Dead4Sure makes yet another SCS comic to mark the occasion!


We apologize for the long delay ever since the anniversary release. It seems our commitment to a release a day didn’t last very long…………..

The plan was to finish updating the new site and have a mass release as soon as we were ready on it, but we ended up taking a bit longer than expected to update the new site… which is still a work in progress.

Please check it out though and continue to do so as it gets polished~ We’d love to see people join the forums and comment there!

I’m also glad to announce we are picking up a new project: Shion no Ou! We are starting from chapter 25, where Immortal Abyss scans dropped the project. You can see all past chapters up on batoto!

And so, as so much time has gone by… we have a pretty massive store of chapters that we unintentionally kept from you >_< So enjoy!!

Noctis has really been the leader for this project and we stepped in to help out with the last few chapters, so we really encourage you go say hello him for his great work on the series and translating it to the end! Thank you for being such a great partner Noctis~!
3 Level Combination c24-25+Afterword+SCS Comic
Check out the Raw
c24: Read Online Only
c25: Read Online Only
Afterword: Read Online Only

Nobunaga no Chef volume 5
c35: Batoto // c36: Mediafire
c36: Batoto // c36: Mediafire
c37: Batoto // c37: Mediafire
c38: Batoto // c38: Mediafire
c39: Batoto // c39: Mediafire
c40: Batoto // c40: Mediafire
c41: Batoto // c41: Mediafire
c42: Batoto // c42: Mediafire
c43: Batoto // c43: Mediafire

Again c51-52
Thanks to everyone at VIS for their help!
c51: Batoto // c51: Dynasty Scans
c52: Batoto // c52: Dynasty Scans

Drag-on Dragoon c3
Thank you KISS Scans!!
Read Online // Mediafire

Afterschool War Activities c8
Read Online Only

Peak c85
Check out the Raw
Read Online Only

Shion no Ou c25
Read Online // Mediafire


50 responses to “3LC End and other chapters

    • >_< Yeah…

      Nice to see someone is still looking back to 3 Level Combination (~^o^)~

      … and now advertising: take a look at God of Bath, another series by Ha Il-Kwon, if you didn't have a chance yet! Hehe~

  1. I came back! PC problems :/

    Massive release…I love it so much hahaha. Thank you!!!! Nobunaga no Chef & Again! \o/. Hmm…finally I’m gonna give a try to Drag-On Dragoon! Shion no Ou, nice surprise! I liked the anime and I’m curious about the difference to manga ~ mainly the main mystery hehehe.

    Ah, It will take the all day for me to read the mass release hahaha (maybe 2 days). And no, I’m not complaining. Actually I’m very happy! Thanks for everything SCS!

    • You’re most welcome lolman!! Glad your PC problems are at an end and that you’re back!! Lots of chapters for you too enjoy (^_-)~* and I hope you approve of our new series!!

      • Thanks for a whole volume. Though I’m confused by the last chapter…even though Mori was civil to Ken, still, there’s still a class difference between the two, and Ken really is out of place to think he’s an equal with them, right?

        • Well, yeah, but Ken never really cared all that much – that’s why he got in trouble with Nobunaga in volume 1 a few times – part of his from-the-future naivety thing. I think in the case of Ken, there’s another thing, in that he has distinguished himself and is prized by Nobunaga, so he has a kind of special status too. He is very firm in his beliefs and vocal though, (modern free speech?) which I guess, this time, crossed the line a bit… And, one final thing – vassals in the confucian world were encouraged to speak out when they believed their lord was making a bad decision, so it might come from that custom… Up to us though, haha!

        • Another aspect you need to consider is that Mori is a military commander, while Ken is a logistic support officer, or in the charming american term REMF Rear Echelon Muthafuka. A line commander may listen to advice from the rear, but if the rear presume too much they will be hold up short. In modern term, it’s like a graphical artist giving unwanted sale advice to a sale department head.

        • Oh, I hadn’t seen your other comment, sorry laclongquan!

          Thanks for commenting! And yeah, there was definitely a bit of a clash there. I think Ken had a bit to reflect about… but being a modern man with the benefit of progress to his knowledge, I guess he was feeling pretty boss, hmm…

  2. Thank you very much guys! I had read Shion no Ou before and it was nice, it is good to see that you picked it up. Your taste is amazing :D

    • Cheers Kiwi! It’s been a while since our last release of again!!, so we try to make up the time, right? Hopefully we’ll get some more chapters of this great series out soon, with VIS’s help!!

  3. Thank you so much for carrying on with 3LC to the end! Enjoyed your wonderful editing a lot. Also the little comic at the end was great~

    • Hehe~ I think Dead4Sure who was the champion of the series at SCS had a lot of fun, both with the editing and the mini-comic! Glad you enjoyed it, Noir!

    • I was planning to make volume packs as soon as the new site work is complete… too many things going on right now >_> but don’t worry, this is on the to do list!! They should be ready by mid-September at the latest, and will be updated on an ongoing basis after that.

  4. Thanks for Peak release and for picking up Shion no Ou it has been nearly two years since an update. I am going to have to start reading some of your other releases so I don’t feel like a lurker.

    • Cheers, kaybee – you hardly qualify as a lurker with all these comments you’ve been making though! Thanks for your support :)

  5. Wow, I can’t believe my eyes. I guess, i won’t be able to sleep early tonight. Thank you so much for all the hard work.

  6. This is great. You even picked up Shion no Ou! I never would have thought someone would continue scanlating it. You guys are working really hard.Thank you very much! :)

  7. Wow, what a massive release, all super awesome. Thanks for everything, especially completing 3LC, intense to the bitter end…………and yeah, the SC original toon was great, anything with a powerpuff girls parody is bound to be hilarious XD

  8. Congratulations on your completion of 3 Level Combination!! Sank you. I follow a number of series that your group currently scanlate, aswell as some that you completed, namely ‘The Friendly Winter’, which is my favorite work that your group has done. I noticed that Supreme Cream do a lot of Webcomic translations, and I was wondering if you’d be open to suggestion on another. I hope I’m not bieng too forward or rude in my approach, but would you be interested in picking up ‘Can’t See, Can’t Hear, But Love’. Scanlations ceased half a year ago from Mezzofla… something scans. And they stopped only 8 chapters to the end. Thank you again for your hard work.

    • Fished your comment out of spam – usually the wordpress tool is quite effective but every so often it catches a few real comments ^_^;

      The Friendly Winter and 3 Level Combination were both series championed by our co-founder, Dead4Sure, who also draws the SCS mini-comics so she’s happy to hear your approval!

      Don’t worry, it’s always nice to have suggestions~ The series looks very cute! At the moment we are pretty busy, we just picked up Shion no Ou too, but we’ll keep it in mind for a new project once we have more time, if no one has picked it up and we have people who want to work on it!

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