Village Idiot Scans Anniversary!!

Vis Fireworks

Guess what! Today’s yet another anniversary!!! What, you ask? SCS is onto year 3 just a month after the 1st anniversary?!! … No, silly… it’s the Village Idiot Scans anniversary today and you totally have to go check out all their releases and give them some love!!

VIS Homepage

A big thank you from me and the rest of the Supreme Cream Scans staff – you’re really an amazing group to work with on joint projects and we wish you the very best in your 6th year!!

Thank you and congratulations to Azuma, Purr-Nyan, TsunTsun, Aurega, Blueberry, Cloud04, Elcausa, Heleleo, abcd9146, Admra, Al245, Aryev, Chie, Cybykillers, Fenrill, Freijie, Hinokai, Jazz, J-Rex, Pizzach, PolariS, Psi, Psyren, Sality, Savino, Seyrine, Sjiveru, Soranokira, Staekk, Takuo, Taylor, Thony, Wilcoxii and everyone else with VIS! Please take care of us from now on too m(_ _)m

And most of all, thanks to Kubo Mitsurou-sensei who has made these wonderful series we are releasing today, Again!! and Moteki! It’s through the love of her works that SCS and VIS have gotten a chance to work together and we hope all of you enjoy her work too!

Today we have all of volume 6 of Again!! Some gigantic developments here, so enjoy:
Again c53-64
c53: Batoto // c53: Dynasty Scans
c54: Batoto // c54: Dynasty Scans
c55: Batoto // c55: Dynasty Scans
c56: Batoto // c56: Dynasty Scans
c57: Batoto // c57: Dynasty Scans
c58: Batoto // c58: Dynasty Scans
c59: Batoto // c59: Dynasty Scans
c60: Batoto // c60: Dynasty Scans
c61: Batoto // c61: Dynasty Scans
c62: Batoto // c62: Dynasty Scans
c63: Batoto // c63: Dynasty Scans
c64: Batoto // c64: Dynasty Scans

Moteki c12-13
c12: Batoto
c13: Batoto

32 responses to “Village Idiot Scans Anniversary!!

  1. Holy sh!t ! I’m going to have a freaking heart attack!!! Thank you so much!! I’ve already dropped my congrats to viscans but I have to say that I wish you the best and to continue being one of the best scanlator teams around!!!

    • Thanks for passing your congratulations to VIS and nice of you to come here too!! Glad you liked the shock of chapters VIS worked hard to release! We’re having a lot of fun and will continue to do our best and it’s really nice we have people who support us like you!

  2. Wooot, Congratulations & Happy Anniversary, VIS!
    & Thank you very much for all these awesome new chapters of our favorite series! Your hard work is really appreciated. <3

    • Hehe, we’ll do our best to continue releasing everything else as well! Need to go translate some Drag-on Dragoon, on that note… I’ve been slacking >_>

  3. You guys are real bad for my health, I was just about to sleep but hey look there is a new translated volume of again and 2 chapters of moteki! Even so i need to sleep very badly… So I can only read moteki now and wait for tomorrow to read again!! T_T i will probably see cutely dancing Imamuras in my dream…
    Thanks a lot by the way^^

    • No no no!! You can read them when you wake up… Take care of yourself Gizmos >_<

      And see? If you dream in anticipation, it's even better! So savour the experience! It's not every day VIS has an anniversary~

  4. OMG! I need days with 48hours hahaha. I’m gonna read Again & Moteki right now! Thank you and of course thanks VIS!

    BTW, I love anniversaries xD

  5. The end to a busy day, and I really grateful for all of SCS’s support. So thanks to everyone in SCS and especially to Pimelea, Ghost, Blookami, Autumnrain, and Shadowmonk, we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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