Shion no Ou c26

Series by Katori Masaru and Ando Jiro


And we’re back, after a small bump in the road after c25. And so soon, we have an utter defeat by a creepy adversary. Have we found the killer? We hope you enjoy the new chapter, and look forward to the next!

We hope you might support the author/artist and would like to make it as simple as possible for you. So, if you’d like to buy paperback copies (in Japanese), check out the raw links:

Amazon // Honto

Available for:
Read Online at Batoto // Mediafire


14 responses to “Shion no Ou c26

  1. Good story and drawing!! :) I assume you cannot jumping-jack into waking yourself up. On couple occasions, my math high school teacher she saw most of the students were half-awake in the first period, and asked everyone to stand up and do jumping-jack… Poor students on the lower floors, they probably wonder wth we were doing.

  2. I bumped into this series on Batoto after you guys updated it. It definitely is above expectations and you start getting really into it around chapter 15 or so! Thank you for your continuous work on this series.

    I did mention last time that I was here only for Nobunaga no Chef, didn’t I? Scratch that, add Shion no Ou to that list now. :)

    • Haha, that’s really great to hear <3 And it's part of our mission to get people reading new manga, right? So I'm glad you're enjoying it! 27 will be released today, if I have some time to upload it…

  3. Glad you are back, hope for more Nobunaga no Chef!
    Ps. Please make the comic after the “jump” or whatever it’s called, every time you do one of these I can’t load the site on my iPad, thanks for understanding!

    • I’m not in charge of nobunaga though I thought of helping in that project before starting shion… I wish my team-mates won’t make you wait too much ^_^
      Yeah I noticed that in my iPhone and iPad… But it load after a while… We’ll try to fix this problem ^^

    • OMG that’s hilarious! I slept once in a lecture and I was sitting in front of the professor… I slept so deep I even started dreaming XD but it was embarrising that when I opened my eyes he was looking at me @.@ thank God he didn’t laugh otherwise I would have escaped the room. And thank you for your comment, expect something soon ^_^

  4. Welcome back D4S! hahaha wtf. Lol You slept while standing and on the toilet xD Don’t get depressed again, frequently life sucks but sometimes it’s great. Ah Pimelea lifesaver xD

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter! :)

    • Thank you lolman… Yeah life sometimes is bright and you followers are shining my life really… I said that before but I’m gonna say it again, though I don’t reply to your comments I read them all ^^
      Thanks for the advice… I’ll keep my head up ^^

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