Again c69

Series by Kubo Mitsurou


Imamura goes to Disney~? What will we see? Little Mermaid? Beauty and the Beast? Lion King?

And what fast food chain would you go to if you were in Imamura’s shoes?

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Here’s the VIS website!! Fenrill and ZeroDC <3 Thanks for your help!

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14 responses to “Again c69

    • Yeah! None of this ‘let’s make the date shitty’ stuff… I bet Imamura would go for bubble tea if he was serious too~ ahem, I mean specialty cafe~ (isn’t that for cakes and not drinks though…?)

    • Hmm, it goes up and down, we’ve seen it before, but I’m Kubo-sensei always changes tack, so I’m pretty sure you’ll see some exciting stuff soon~ Maybe wait for volume 9 to start being released and then read through the character introductions and plot set up of volume 8 all at once? Glad you enjoyed this chapter!

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