Drag-on Dragoon c4-5

Series by Eishima Jun and ZET









First of all, we’re rather embarrassed you had to wait so long for this next release of Drag-on Dragoon m(_ _)m it’s already been over a month and a half since c3. However, there are good reasons!

After releasing chapter 3, we started going back over the releases and decided we weren’t quite attaining the quality we wanted to. There were some translations that weren’t aligned with the game, a lot of information that the readers (and scanlators) were struggling to keep up with and so, we decided to make some changes.

First off, we have the privilege now of having an expert on Drag-on Dragoon helping us check text and terms, Enetirnel from her site Stalking Insanity. In addition to advice on names and terms, Enetirnel has also made some extra information pages about Drag-on Dragoon’s setting and world.

Among other things, we have renamed the title, which I poetically translated as ‘Fatal Crimson’ in the first version to ‘The Red unto Death’ as this title appears to be inspired by Kierkegaard’s work ‘The Sickness unto Death’ where he talks of a spiritual infection… anyway, definite parallels…

I also extend a big thanks to KISS Scans and to 25h Scans who have been helpful and keen on releasing version 2s of all the previously released chapters.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the reworked chapters as well as the double releases of chapters 4 and 5! There’s actually a plot starting now, and some key characters that I think some readers wanted to see~!

Available for:
c1v2: Batoto // c1v2: Mediafire

c2v2: KISS Reader // c2v2: Batoto // c2v2: Mediafire

c3v2: KISS Reader // c3v2: Batoto // c3v2: Mediafire

c4: KISS Reader // c4: Batoto // c4: Mediafire

c5: KISS Reader // c5: Batoto // c5: Mediafire


8 responses to “Drag-on Dragoon c4-5

  1. Awwww, guys! ;_; 3 I’ve been waiting for three months *sob* Checking everyday like a madman. Well i’m just glad that you chose to translate shi ni itaru aka, so thank you for that! But still, any news on future updates? :3

    • Yeah, I know… I’ve been wondering too… KISS doesn’t seem to be interested in doing the project anymore, so I think Eniternel (the freelance PR we have) might be able to do some scans and CLing for us, and then SCS will TS and take care of the rest… so hopefully we’ll see some more releases before January ends.

      Sorry for the confusion >_<

        • Thanks ZeroNieR! I talked with Eniternel though, and I think we’ll have scanned raws from her from the japanese tankoubon, so that will be good for releases. As long as Eniternel or someone else helps with the cleaning, then we’ll be able to take care of the rest, so I hope to start releasing again soon! Not sure when soon is exactly, but we’ll do our best >_<

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