Gunka no Balzer c17-18

Series by Nakajima Mititsune









I am very happy to present SCS’s first release of Gunka no Balzer. This is a beautiful series, both in terms of artwork and story that is actually more slice-of-life than action in an 18th century Prussian inspired setting. We follow Bernd Balzer, a major in the Weißen army as he is dispatched to the smaller kingdom of Baselland as a military instructor and advisor. You can see some of his students in the image above!

Thank you to Easy Going Scans, who have faithfully scanlated this series from the beginning and will now be our wonderful joint project partners moving this forward. Go give Ellie, Aurora, Toady, Claudia, Ell, AgentE, Martikuki and Epi a big hug for their work on the series!!

We strongly suggest you support Mititsune-sensei and buy his work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Honto special 5 volume set

CDjapan // Honto // Kinokuniya-USA // Amazon

Available for (Note that chapter 18 will only be uploaded to Batoto after 24 hours of the original release. Please read on the Easy Going Scans reader until then, thank you!):
c17: EGS Reader // c17: Batoto // c17: Mediafire
c18: EGS Reader // c18: Batoto // c18: Mediafire

You can download or read online previous chapters here. Note that Batoto does not have all the newer versions of chapters, so for latest changes read the versions on the EGS reader.


10 responses to “Gunka no Balzer c17-18

  1. Just want to drop by and show my appreciation to you guys, i’ve been waiting for Gunka no Balzer ch.17, this manga has been on my fave list of comic for a long time ^,^

    • Glad you’re enjoying Enterthedragon!! Hehe, note that c17 is a rerelease though, it was already released by EGS a couple months ago, but we made a new version which changed a lot of the wordings. We’ll be back with more soon~~

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