Again c73

Series by Kubo Mitsurou


Imamura finally does it, the harem!!! Err, but what does that crushed mikan signify…

As we mentioned in the past few Again!! release posts, we’re having a bit of trouble getting all the last minute redraws ready every week, so if you have any experience or interest in redrawing, please come and help out by applying to SCS or VIS!

Go visit everyone at VIS too!! Thanks for the hard work ZeroDC and Fenrill!!

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16 responses to “Again c73

    • Ant (~^o^)~

      And yeah… but it’s not all bad, she can channel her glooooobal energies into getting a non-Japanese boyfriend now! Judging by all the commenters about Shibata, I think she’s be popular outside Japan?

  1. No more pimp master Imamura in this house T__T
    Back to whimpy Imamura, Reo and danchou is becoming badass though!

    Thx for the release as always(love you tally<3)

    • o.o Glad to see you’re enjoying it (~^o^)~

      or… wait! Maybe that T_T face means you’re not enjoying it (゚Д゚# )

      Very welcome~ But you should thank Pimelea too, oh, and azuma, blookami, fenrill and everyone <3 (definitely not an afterthought…)

  2. Woah, Danchou suddenly rose in my eyes with her speech (well part about viewing guys as object to date), though she is still pretty weird. (By the way how did she leave the stage? She just kind of disappeared).
    I hate harems (wishful thinking isn’t what I would seek in manga), so I hope (though knowing Kubo-sensei’s work with Moteki I’m pretty sure) that author will resolve indecisiveness of Imamura.
    Well in his defence I can say that he never did give thought to his situation (or did have time), at least in that angle (imagining yourself being liked by someone and acting accordingly after being totally ignored for 3 years IS kind of hard). However, when he wanted to change something he went and did it, everything that happened up until this point is proof of that (look at Hiro or Aki for contrast). Suddenly changing personality won’t be believable. And I think it wouldn’t be interesting either.
    Thanks for chapter guys!

    • Weird, yes, but cool too, yes. Usami was definitely the center stage of this chapter, and based on that, I don’t think she’s gone yet (^_-)~* just that her role is changing a bit. We’ll have to see as it goes forward.

      Mmh, I think everyone will have different views on why Imamura reacted that way, but I think what you said makes sense. He’s still the same old guy, even if he did intend to do things differently (and did) resulting in the exciting plot line we saw until now.

      Glad you enjoyed and had so much to reflect on and share!!

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