Nobunaga no Chef c55

Series by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takurou


Looks like Kaede’s back! Hope you all enjoy Ken’s cooking class!

We strongly suggest you support Nishimura-sensei and Kajikawa-sensei and buy their work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

CDjapan // Honto // Kinokuniya-USA // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


12 responses to “Nobunaga no Chef c55

  1. hello, do you have any information on what happened to the manga? i can’t find anything after the 55th chapter anywhere :(

    • Yes, I am sad to admit that that is my fault >_< Fallacy gave me the next chapter typeset to QC and release a couple weeks ago, but I've been so busy with exams and coursework that I have not had any time to do this… so it will be another week before the next chapter… and then I'll be on holiday, with lots of time to bring you new chapters <3

      Please hang on a bit, forgive me m(_ _)m

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