God of Bath c15

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


Not sure if I’d like to be scrubbed that way…

We’d also like to draw attention to Uroboros who are our partners on this project, helping us with the cleaning. They will be releasing a Russian version of the webtoon, so please stay tuned to their blog too and thank them for their cleaning efforts!

Don’t be lazy like the dude in the bath! Remember to click the raw link:


The more views his Naver pages get, the better it is for the author/artist. Let’s show some appreciation for Ha Il-Kwon!

There are also paperbacks for sale online, so please support the author and buy his works!! Note that you will need a korean friend to help you with the purchase through naver:

Raw link

Available for:

Read Online Only


5 responses to “God of Bath c15

  1. Thanks a lot! (*≧ω≦)ノ

    If I may be so bold: since you guys seem to enjoy Ha Il-Kwon’s works, do you think after you’ve completed God of Bath it’d be possible for you to work on Sambong Barber Shop? As far as I know Webtoon Live dropped it, along with basically everything else OTL;;

      • Not at all! I am, in fact, full of suggestions, since many webtoons have been left behind (though nowhere near the amount of manga that have been dropped)… like Today’s Romantics Club… Let’s Fight Ghost… Familyman… Under Prin… Nowhere Boy… not to mention there’s a bunch that are still being worked on but they get maybe three releases per year… aigoo, my child (´;д;`)

        Ahem, please forgive my whining ╮(︶▽︶”)╭

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