Afterschool War Activities c40

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


Just another day in the frontline.

No online raws for this series, since the originals can only be seen if you have a Naver account and are confirmed over 19, so you’ll have to stick to the English version~ Please support Ha Il-Kwon by buying any of his works or viewing them on the official release website if they are translated into English.


We’ve found raws online for sale through naver, so we strongly encourage supporting the author by buying his work, though you will need a korean friend to help you out, and here is the:

Raw link


Available for:

Read Online Only


11 responses to “Afterschool War Activities c40

  1. H-hey!! I also appreciate this series’ depth!! (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻
    Ha Il-Kwon is pretty amazing, in general. While many stories take a few chapters to hook you, his stuff always gets me from the first chapter. As cliche as it sounds, his characters feel like real people. He’s able to capture “humanity” really well… not to mention his art is really gorgeous.

    Also, I have a question… on the main naver page for this series, after 49, a chapter entitled “마지막화 복귀” was posted, which google translate helpfully tells me means Last Tuesday bulletin. I’ve surmised from other webtoons in the past it either means the last chapter, or a notification of a hiatus. Would you happen to know which it is? Just curious :x

    In any case, thanks a lot!! (´;д;`)/

    • ASWA has ended last week at Chapter 50, eh he he… <_<
      But I think either an epilogue or an afterword chapter will follow next week. And don’t worry, we already know you are one of those awesome people who appreciate the depth of Ha Il-kwon’s series ;)

      • Aigoo!! I thought it was probably the end since his works are usually kind of short, but I could also see the series going on for quite a while, too… ah, well. Thanks for the info!

        Good! I’ve got a reputation to uphold, you know (︶▽︶)

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