Coda c15

Series by Ichimura Hitoshi


You’ve been looking forward to this one, I know it! Finally, the performance! There’s just one more chapter left!! So look forward to the denouement soon!

Go see Junna at Of Mangas and…! Note the new URL!

If you’d like to support the author and buy her work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

ebook (no shipping costs!) // Amazon

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


19 responses to “Coda c15

  1. Thanks very much!! 。°(*/∇\*)°。

    I meant to say this before, but I’d like to also say thanks to the groups/folks you’re working with but I don’t have a tumblr and I don’t Russian at all so I have no idea how to even comment OTL;;

    • Most welcome ixtli! russian? You mean for the group helping us on god of bath? You can still thank those at of mangas and anonymously, since they have a disqus comment app!

      • Ah, yeah, Uroboros, sorry haha;; I didn’t realize they had disqus (well… because I didn’t check;;) so I’ll have to go say thanks!!

        • No no, of mangas and, the group that helps with coda has disqus, thought you might be referring to them

          If you mean uroboros though, no idea how to thank them, don’t think they have disquss >_< well, you can always post on batoto or something, I imagine they might check?

        • Ugh, sorry, I kind of left some things out of my post;; I meant to say that I wanted to thank Of Mangas and… but I didn’t have tumblr, and wanted to thank Uroboros but I didn’t speak Russian, and when you asked “Russian?” I forgot that I hadn’t mentioned the groups’ names so it might be confusing, so I clarified the Russian I was talking about was indeed for the group that helped out with God of Bath. And then I replied to the bit about disqus for Of Mangas and… but I didn’t make it clear that I was referring to that. I was just grouping them together because they were the only two group that you work with that I’ve been unable to thank. Sorry about that;;;

          All right, I’ll have to get an account on Batoto! :V

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