Afterschool War Activities c43

Series by Ha Il-Kwon


It only seems like yesterday when they handled a gun for the first time, but they have come a long way.

No online raws for this series, since the originals can only be seen if you have a Naver account and are confirmed over 19, so you’ll have to stick to the English version~ Please support Ha Il-Kwon by buying any of his works or viewing them on the official release website if they are translated into English.


We’ve found raws online for sale through naver, so we strongly encourage supporting the author by buying his work, though you will need a korean friend to help you out, and here is the:

Raw link


Available for:

Read Online Only


8 responses to “Afterschool War Activities c43

  1. How the hell did I miss this?! Thanks a lot! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

    Also, I have a couple of stupid questions!!

    First, are the only views that count when you click on a chapter, or is it the same if you just visit that series’ main page? I swear I knew this but I forgot… urrr;;

    Second, since you fellas have a naver 19+ account, I’m assuming this also means you have the type of account that uses a SSN which means you can purchase stuff? I’ve been going around trying to find the raws for the end of Trace 1.5, but no one has them, and the only way to get them is to purchase them, which I don’t mind doing, but I’m not a Korean in Korea nor do I know of any such people who qualify… erm, that being said, would it be possible for you to order them and then be reimbursed? Or, in the opposite order is fine, too!! I don’t know how much it is, but I was thinking if it was too ridiculous having one of the groups interested in doing it setting up a donation thing… uhh… anyhow =a=;;; If this is too troublesome, don’t mind it, but I thought I’d ask ;A;

    • 1. I think it’s indivdual chapters that you have to click, not just the main page.
      2. We’d like to help you out, but to pay for things online in most Korean sites, you at least have to be a resident there because most of them they only accept Korean credit cards, gift coupons, or mobile phone payments. I just checked Daum and it seems they only accept Korean credit cards, which none of us here yet have… Sorry about that.

      • 1. All right, that’s what I thought!
        2. AHH, WHY DO I KEEP FORGETTING TRACE IS ON DAUM?! OTL;; Sigh, I didn’t realize that a Korean credit card was also needed… Korea, why do you make it so hard?! (;´Д`) In any case, thanks in a lot of ways!! (*≧ω≦)ノ

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