Gunka no Balzer c19

Series by Nakajima Mititsune









Sorry for the delay… we were hoping to do this by Christmas, but, you know, scanlator stuff that you don’t care about, so I won’t blabber on too long (~^o^)~

The Prince and his retinue arrive in the countryside this time, a far cry from the front lines… but let’s see what awaits them!

Special thanks to Easy Going Scans, who have allowed us to help out with the series and particularly to Ellie who’s kept things organised!

We strongly suggest you support Mititsune-sensei and buy his work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

Honto special 5 volume set

CDjapan // Honto // Kinokuniya-USA // Amazon

Available for:
EGS Reader // Batoto // Mediafire

You can download or read online previous chapters here. Note that Batoto does not have all the newer versions of chapters, so for latest changes read the versions on the EGS reader.


19 responses to “Gunka no Balzer c19

    • Hehe, it’s our greatest pleasure to help with this series, it’s one of my most favourites~ Glad you’re enjoying it KrimzonStriker! I think we will release c20 today btw, so come back later!

  1. Wow, many releases recently! You’re on a roll” Thank you for Gunka no Balzer!! And thanks for Shion no Ou and Nobunaga no Chef :D

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