Coda c16 [END]

Series by Ichimura Hitoshi


It’s the last chapter of Coda… I know it’s been long in coming, but it’s also a sad day for us here and at Of MangasAnd… (who you should go visit too of course!). It’s been a pleasure to work on this series and I hope all of you enjoyed it too!

I’ve used the SCS comic done by our admin and artist Dead4Sure as the post image and also included it in the release! A little tribute from us for this wonderful manga by Ichimura-sensei!

As always, we strongly encourage people to support the author and buy her work in Japanese, check out the raw links:

ebook (no shipping costs!) // Amazon

The first link is particularly convenient since it’s an ebook, so no shipping costs! Junna from Of Mangas And… has made a little guide for use of the site (which works for Coda as well as any other mangas there!) so please have a look: Guide

Available for:
Read Online // Mediafire


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