American Ghost Jack c4

Series by Han Ji-hye and Ahn Jeong-eun


Well, there was something of a delay, I think you’ve all realised. I don’t think the project took off so much yet, so I hope you tune in at this point, since I believe we’ll have steady releases from now on (>_<)x*fingers crossed*

Here’s an update on hour our squeamish group are doing in the Dunn Rose Manor!

Visit Easy Going Scans who helped us with this chapter!

Remember, Go-eun nuna won’t save you from those ghosts if you don’t click the raw link below:


Available for reading online at:

EGS Reader // Batoto


16 responses to “American Ghost Jack c4

  1. Lemme get this straight. A precocious, rich and talented young man, who lives in a gorgeous mansion, has made some sort of pact with an incredibly efficient butler named… Sebastian? What’s next, a buxom, red-haired Jack the Ripper? I’m gettin’ déjà vu here!

    (Thx 4 awsum chp)

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