Shion no Ou volume 8 [END]

Series by Katori Masaru and Ando Jiro


So, here’s the tl;dr version, for all those curious: Dead4Sure, after a brief interlude of busy irl in the fall told me in december that we were going to finish Shion no Ou by the end of January… Err, right, sure we are… that’s the spirit, I thought. Jeanne, who was a steady translator on Coda had just started Shion no Ou and translated her first chapter, c31 in October and then she got busy with exams and work and so the project was stalling… But with Dead4Sure’s enthusiasm, I decided I better do something, so, in the end, I spent most of my Winter break translating 3 volumes minus one chapter of Shion that L was a speed demon on PRing. Then TheUserGame and Dead4Sure split the Typesetting (CLing was done by Dead4Sure beforehand).

In the end, TheUsergame was working up from volume 6 while Dead4Sure was working backwards from volume 8, which means, of course, that volume 8 was ready before volume 7, so we decided that we’d release it all at once, and rushed to finish volume 7 before the end of January.

And lo and behold, Dead4Sure’s wish of Shion done by January was true! And, I don’t think I need to mention, but Dead4Sure was being modest, hers was the greatest bulk of the work and even found time to draw an end-of-series comic, what is becoming an SCS tradition, too!

And might I add, with a touch of pride, that volume 8 is a fair bit longer than the other volumes, so it’s almost like a release of a volume and a half, with the finale on top! Enjoy the suspense and resolution!

I’d also like to add a quick note about raws – you probably see these links for manga raws all the time and wonder why we bother. SCS does not ask for donations or host manga with ads for revenue. Instead, if you like the series and the manga that are always released in English, we hope you’ll consider supporting the manga community by buying the original works – not only does it support the authors and Japanese manga publishers but you also get a nice paperback copy in the mail.

The volume packs for volumes 5-8 and raws are here:

Volume 1
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
Volume 2
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
Volume 3
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
Volume 4
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
Volume 5
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
SCS: Mediafire
Volume 6
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
SCS: Mediafire
Volume 7
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
SCS: Mediafire
Volume 8
Raw: Amazon // Raw: Honto
SCS: Mediafire

Volume 8 Chapters Available for:
c43: Read Online // c43: Mediafire
c44: Read Online // c44: Mediafire
c45: Read Online // c45: Mediafire
c46: Read Online // c46: Mediafire
c47: Read Online // c47: Mediafire
c48: Read Online // c48: Mediafire
c49: Read Online // c49: Mediafire
c50: Read Online // c50: Mediafire


39 responses to “Shion no Ou volume 8 [END]

  1. Better late than never…
    Thank you VERY MUCH for releasing the series, especially this final volume that provided a logical and heartwarming ending to a great manga.

    Because it’s released in my country (France, as Kings of Shogi), but this final volume is absolutely impossible to find since years at a decent price (-35€) <_<".

  2. Wow!! Haven’t read this series yet (it’s on my enormous to-read list OTL) but I gotta commend you guys on your work!! I intended to say thanks as soon as I started reading it, but seeing as it’s all released already, guess I should say so now. (︶▽︶)

    P.S. Since I’m here… well, I was going to ask this regardless, but what’s more fitting than an end-of-series post?? >_>;;; Would you guys have any interest in working on Goraihou Gakuen e Yokoso? It seems like it might be up your alley…? Maybe? OTL Well, it’s a cute/funny/touching paranormal school life series, in any case. Aerandria hasn’t released any for a year and a half and I’ve been crying alone and asking various groups about it to no fruition. OTL Ahem, anyhow, no worries if not, but it’s better to ask than to not;;;

  3. thanks so much
    I remember reading this back when NCIS were scanlating it…I am so happy you guys have finished I can finally finish it!

  4. Three days! I was away for just three days, and you finished the whole series when I wasn’t looking. Thanks for all the hard work.

  5. Lovely series, thanks for the excellent work.

    A few segments did require a bit of suspension of disbelief, but the story was great, the pacing was perfect, and the ending was neither drawn-out or rushed.

    Plus, it made me wanna learn shogi… >.<

    • Toadmeister!!

      I’m sure you’ll make a great Shogi pro! Just be careful not to turn bug-eyed!

      Glad you thought it was so well done, I’m sure you’re buying all the tankoubon we so kindly linked, yes? Yes? (just kidding (^_-)~*)

  6. Thanks for all your handwork guys! This was a good ending to this series. It’s heartbreaking that the villain was him and his motive truly was strange to me, but it just means I’m not a Shogi player

    • Hmm, well, I don’t think you have to be resolved to kill people to be a good shogi player… I think the Katori-sensei was being somewhat ironic there, but it is quite mysterious. That’s what gave it so much drama though, I think~

  7. Wow, damn! My day is made. I clearly didn’t expect everything to come out at once, just like that, after that giant cliffhanger from yesterday. When I saw the volume up on Batoto, you guys should’ve seen my jaw drop.

    So here’s my thanks for completing this magnificent series. Cheers!


  8. Wow, very awesome, I was wondering how I was ever going to take all the suspense of reading this a chapter at a time. XD

    Super cool, thanks a lot for everybody’s great work on this fantastic story………..oh yeah, and Dead4Sure’s comics are great, I always love those. XD

    • You’re welcomed svines85 then take your time now in reading all those chapters ^_^
      And I’m happy hearing that you loves my comics ^_^ that makes me want to do more

  9. OH my gosh, SCS. You guys are awesome and so adorable. I read your whole post/comic. It’s so cute. As for the massive load of gifts, I swear, only you guys! Right now, I’m going to label you my favorite scanlating group. Before I never actually had a favorite but you guys have so much awesomeness within you! Even people who are jubilant don’t go all massive scanlating release and this is beyond massive. Wish other groups would adopt the same work ethic/love for scanlating and sharing manga love. Thanks so much! I have a lot of reading to do now =D

    • Thank you so much *blush* we’re extremely happy for being a fav for a new manga reader! We wish u never fail your expectations…
      Have a nice time in reading ;)

  10. thank you so much SCS! i just had to stop by and comment on how i appreciate all your efforts to finish up Shion no Ou :)

  11. Woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I can’t believe than you released the whole volume!

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu SCS – special thanks for Shion no Ou Team :D You’re are amazing! Ah, I loved this comic in the post. So creative! I remember when I watched the Shion no Ou anime…I had given up reading the manga because no group was doing. Thank you guys for saving this manga.

    Ah, It’s a bit anti-climax, but I can’t miss the opportunity. There is another great shogi manga that need love, 3-gatsu no Lion! Perhaps SnO team can consider this manga in the future.

    Anyway, thank youuuuuuuu again! :D

    • I wish we made your day by this release (^_^) and glad you liked the comic too (^o^)y
      I understand your feelings about this manga not being finished because I watched the anime and loved it and so I was waiting for its translation… It’s good that I made it till the end for me and for all of you with the help of this team of course
      Enjoy your reading… And wait for more to come with other serieses

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