American Ghost Jack c7-9

Series by Han Ji-hye and Ahn Jeong-eun


EGS is racing through chapters, so here are a few for your enjoyment! Serious development on the ghost house side! Thank Ellie from Easy Going Scans for the triple release, which is all thanks to her!

On another note, seems we’re caught up with Blast, the Russian group that has been releasing AGJ! They’ve been doing a speedy job, so if you speak Russian, you should check out their releases too, all on batoto.

Remember, Go-eun nuna won’t save you from those ghosts if you don’t click the raw link below:


Available for reading online at:
c7: EGS Reader // c7: Batoto
c8: EGS Reader // c8: Batoto
c9: EGS Reader // c9: Batoto


16 responses to “American Ghost Jack c7-9

  1. First let me say that I found this series by pure chance on EGScans, and I love it. Just thought that I would drop by and say thanks for the awesome work.

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