Peak: An Announcement

Art by Im Gang-Hyeok, Story by Hong Seong-Su

Peak: An Announcement


Some of you might have seen this coming, but here it is – we hereby announce that we’ve officially dropped Peak.

Peak is a webtoon project that is even older than SCS itself, as the two core members involved in this project started working on it back in 2011 as part of Easy Going Scanlations. Gripped by its fantastic and beautifully realistic art and equally exciting tales of mountain rescue men in action,  we’ve immensely enjoyed releasing every chapter into English for the viewing pleasure of an even broader audience.

However, Peak, once freely accessible to readers like almost every other webtoon, turned pay-per-view a while ago, meaning that while current season being serialised is still free, previous seasons are no longer so and readers must pay to view them. This presented us a dilemma, as unlike the past original Korean raws which are locked by Daum, there is no such means of restriction for English chapters that have been released on the web and we don’t think it’s right that English audience can read past chapters freely when their Korean counterparts can’t – there’s nothing we can do about the chapters we’ve already released, but we didn’t want to continue the practice either.

We did search for avenues that would allow our English version to generate some sort of revenue for the authors (thereby justifying our activities), and for a while we thought we found one and were ready to contact the authors for permission, but that hope was dashed recently when we learned that both Naver and Daum (the two major Korean portals where most of your favourite webtoons are serialised) have plans to launch their English webtoon services within the year. Upon hearing that, we thought we should better leave Peak to the official releases and concentrate on wrapping up other webtoons we are currently working on instead. It also means that we aren’t likely to pick up a new, recent webtoon any time soon,  though we may still look into working on some of the older webtoons.

Thus, with much regret, we bid Peak goodbye. But don’t be too disappointed, as the chance is pretty high that you can enjoy the proper, official English versions of Peak and other webtoons before this year ends. So until then, patience, guys ;)

If you want to follow the current season of Peak, please click the link below:
Peak Raws



23 responses to “Peak: An Announcement

  1. I could not even find a single season in English even up to this day released by Daum / Naver. Id be more than willing to pay for the full cost of this manga if you guys are willing to go back on this project… theres only 3 more seasons left but Im stuck like this. I have re-read the manga more than 20 times by now. Please let me know if you guys would be interested in picking this back up

    • Yeah, it’s unfortunate that Daum’s taking so long with this series. Regardless, we had to drop it because the series was pay-per-view, meaning that it wouldn’t be appropriate for others to read the series for free. It’s a great webtoon and a shame that its readership is still limited to Koreans only – but hopefully that will change, in not-so-distant future.

  2. Came back to see what happened to Peak. Reading the post, it’s been a year since this was posted and I don’t see where I can check the website in English (Daum). Did the project fail? Is it still on the works?
    Sigh… I hate it when official publishers have the rights but never deliver…

  3. I see. No wonder I haven’t seen this webtoon updated that much….

    I’m really excited about it!
    Of course, I’m going to miss you guys and Egscans for doing this webtoon. T^T

      • Peak seems to have ended in the Korean Webtoon. Any news on when the English version will be out? I’d love to have the entire manga in English!!!!


    Ahem, that said, I understand your choice.

    But, I thought Naver had already launched their English version? Or was that merely a preview? I know they had several chapters on it and then nothing was done with it… so I’m really, REALLY hoping that was only for preview/testing purposes, otherwise I’ll cry if that’s going to be the update rate they’re going at. ;A;

    If not, though, I gotta say, I’m extremely excited they’re finally making English versions! I mean, translations of webtoons have been around for years. It’s about time!! OTL Hopefully their pace will be decent, though. I’m sure they’re going to start from the beginning (unless they do something cool like working on the beginning but also releasing English versions alongside the newest Korean versions…!!) so it’ll probably be a long wait for a lot of series. Especially if they do it one per week… then they’ll probably never catch up!! (;´Д`)

    And… do you know if they intend to have translations for ALL of their series (not counting the non-official series like best challenge stuff)?

    Ahh… man, I’m super stoked if it goes according to (my) plan, though. Not having to rely on scanlations would be awesome! A steady release schedule, no random hiatuses/worries of a project being dropped, more people getting to support the project since they’ll have to go to the official site, groups could be freed up to work on other stuff…!! (Note: None of this is directed at Supreme Cream; you guys have an A++ release schedule!! I also don’t mean this in a strictly negative sense — relying on other fans is stressful on both parties. Obviously, I want more to come out, but I don’t want to pressure people who are kindly doing this service for free. And then, tons of people DO pressure scanlators who are kindly doing this service for free which is ridiculous, and, if I had to deal with that I’m pretty sure I’d stop scanlating immediately out of spite. OTL)

    • You are right – in the end, scanlators are mainly trying to fill the gap left by the lack of official English releases, and the quality of their releases often varies dramatically for each webtoon depending on the group working on it. We don’t have any details on how the official versions will be like, but you shoudn’t expect too much at first – chances are that both Naver and Daum will need time to settle into their English platforms and carry out a lot of troubleshooting before things run as smoothly as their Korean webtoon platforms. We will just have to wait and see how things go, I guess.
      In any case, thank you for your kind words too! :D

      • Hahaha, sorry, yeah, I got kind of over-excited;; Hopefully, though, the reason it’s been taking so long is because they’ve been working the kinks out… at least, that’s what I’m hopin’. @_@

  5. please share the link where I can find original raw comics to read “while current season being serialised is still free” thank for your work

  6. Thanks for the info. Also Thanks for all the chapters you released till now, you did an awesome job!
    Even though I understand and think that you are doing the right thing here, it’s still pretty damn sad that you dropped Peak. ;)

    Do you have any idea if Daum’s english version will also be pay to view?

    • Yeah, the staff involved in Peak were pretty dedicated, and one of them is an awesome editor ;)
      Sorry about dropping it, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.
      At the moment, we have no idea on what the official version will be like. By the way, Daum currently charges less than a dollar for each full season of Peak.

  7. Thanks for the update. You have done a fantastic job with the translations, and I, for one, have appreciated your efforts. Time will tell if Daum’s English versions will be as readable as yours. I’ll still be around for your other releases. You guys are the best manhua scanners around.

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