Drag-on Dragoon c6-7

Series by Eishima Jun and ZET









It’s been an awful long time since the last release, as I’m sure you’re all painfully aware. Moreover, we are sad to see KISS Scans drift away from the project, but life and happiness are also the realms of scanlators, so we wish Taka2552 and the group the very best in all they do!

Thank you also to Enetirnel from her site Stalking Insanity/Crimson Sky. We hope that with Enetirnel’s help, we will still be able to get proper raw files and continue releasing the series.

Regardless, we do need help with the series if anyone can clean/typeset/redraw or is interested in helping as a joint project with their group. Otherwise, if any group wishes to take the series entirely and not do it as a joint project, it would be pleasant to tell us, since we will pass it along to those with more dedication than us…

On another note, if anyone was interested in translating the long information texts at the end of each chapter (not included in release) then we’d be happy to include their translation and credit them and their blog.

Also a note that there are LQ releases by an independent blog up until chapter 8, which I imagine you can find on google. They are not much to look out without cleaning of the raws, but better than nothing, particularly if we can’t make another release for a while…

As always, we suggest buying the raw manga to support the author!

7Net Shopping // Rakuten // Amazon

Available for:
c6: KISS Reader // c6: Batoto // c6: Mediafire
c7: KISS Reader // c7: Batoto // c7: Mediafire


10 responses to “Drag-on Dragoon c6-7

    • I think I mentioned the site that had started translating some more of them. The problem with continuing this series was that, despite having some translations (I think I translated until chapter 9 or 12, not sure – so long ago…) after KISS scans abandoned the project, we haven’t had anyone to clean/redraw or typeset, and nobody has offered to help out, so we have essentially dropped the project, unwillingly. At this point, I highly doubt we’d restart, however, I have a few extra scripts that I’d be very happy to donate to any group who wanted to continue.

      So if you’re really keen, green, go and post in some other groups’ suggestion threads and you can mention that they’ll even get a few free scripts to start out if they send SCS an email. (considering I can find where those scripts are… I have a new computer and think they’re on my old hard drive, anyway… I’d look through stuff to find it if anyone wanted them…)

      • i’m editing this series on my own recently, even though i meet few obstacles in translating (actually, i’m very bad at English ); therefore, i have to find something which help me study… as manga. I had lots of feedback from my friends and many people about this manga. All of them appreciated it, so i wanna keep on my work. Anyway… Thank you for all.:D

        • Glad to hear you’ve been able to do your own work on it! Enjoy and I hope you get involved in the online scanlation world (^_-)~* it seems like you have a lot to contribute!

  1. I only came to know this one just now and I just love the madness xD
    Thank you very much for releasing this one! Keep it up guys!

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