American Ghost Jack c14-15

Series by Han Ji-hye and Ahn Jeong-eun


A touching song that comes from the darkness, will it even capture a ghost?

Thanks to Easy Going Scans for their hard work!

Remember, Go-eun nuna won’t save you from those ghosts if you don’t click the raw link below:


Available for reading online at:
c14: EGS Reader // c12: Batoto
c15: EGS Reader // c13: Batoto


11 responses to “American Ghost Jack c14-15

    • Well, only in pleasure at the author’s intent getting through – it’s supposed to be spooky and unsure (^_-)~* Glad you’re enjoying and thinking about it!!

  1. Thank you for your speedy releases? Any chance you can do another collab with egs? It’s a webtoon called a Thousand Years NineTails. :)

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