Moteki c14

Series by Kubo Mitsurou


Hey all, I know it has been awhile since the last Moteki release… sorry for the waiting and apologies in advance for the long wait that will probably occur before we release c15 >_< We're getting staff assembled, but it's a bit tough, both on Editing side (which VIS is doing) and Translation side (which SCS is doing) so if you like the series and could help with either JP-ENG TLing or are an experienced editor, either/both would be appreciated and speed things up.

For now though, enjoy chapter 14! We'll be back again…

Please also visit VIS's site and thank ZeroDC, Klauze-Miene and AizenDiRaizel!

We hope you might support the author and would like to make it as simple as possible for you. So, if you’d like to buy paper back copies (in Japanese), check out the raw links:

Kinokuniya // Amazon // Hon-to

Available for:
Read Online // XDCC DL on IRC: Trigger is !Moteki14


12 responses to “Moteki c14

  1. Thx for your hard work. I hope you continue releasing this manga. It’s only 2.5 volume more to finish. I really really am looking forward to the new releases. Sometimes I wonder why other mangas get new releases but not this one. It’s been 4 months now. That’s just sad :'(

    • Hey Paula! Sorry about the wait…. We’d announce if we were dropping the project. We were in fact considering it, since the translator dropped it… We have a new translator though, and c15 is almost ready. SCS generally tries to do fast releases, but sometimes it’s just too difficult… Hopefully you’ll see some more chapters soon though!

  2. tnx guys for scanlating this awesome manga i’ve been following this manga for a long time already.., and can you give me some spoilers will he get ntr by the mangaka dude…, coz that will be so lonely.., i already pity him for losing every chance…,

    • Hmm, I can’t spoil for one person without spoiling for everyone, so I’ll have to spoil the fun on this comment…

      But whatever comes, I hope you relish its Kubo-sensei style wonder! Enjoy!

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